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Dan John: ‘Get Back Up’ Drill for Older Clients

Thousands of Americans die every year from falls and fall-related injuries. The right exercises for your older clients can help prevent falls and Dan John...

Chris Holder: Mentoring Young Coaches

Chris Holder speaks from experience as he explains the how to (and how not to) do your job mentoring young coaches into successful coaches.

Mike Boyle: How to Build a Successful Training Business

Mike Boyle gives you an indispensable primer covering the oft-overlooked basics of building a successful training business.

Growing a fitness business, with Thom Plummer

The Fitness Business: Let’s Make a Good Living

Your timing to get into the fitness business could not be better. In the 40-some years of modern fitness, there’s never been a better time to be a fitness professional. The small trai...

Jerry Scarlato: Fitness Marketing – Three Priorities for Trainers

Trainer and fitness center owner Jerry Scarlato answers the go-to questions about getting started in personal training, rising above your competition and bringing attention to your abil...

Attract a Steady Stream of New Clients Using Facebook Ads

Need more clients? Read this article to learn how to get more Getting a steady stream quality leads is big challenge for many businesses. And yet, it remains an essential element of run...