Gray Cook & Greg Rose: Three Principles You Can Apply to Any Movement Digital Video

People who understand and have mastered fundamental principles know exactly how to get results because they’re able to avoid confusion, see the real problems underneath and know how best to fix them regardless of the situation. And when it comes to enhancing human movement, you must learn to do the same.


Sue Falsone: The Cervical Thoracic Junction Digital Video

Having spent six years working with professional baseball players at the L.A. Dodgers, and thirteen working with elite athletes across a range of sports at EXOS (formerly Athletes Performance), Sue Falsone has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in treating issues in and around the shoulder and neck.


Sue Falsone: The Shoulder Digital Video

In The Shoulder: Implications for the Overhead Athlete and Beyond, physical therapist Sue Falsone will tell you what you need to know about the shoulder, including areas to pay attention to when working with overhead athletes, how to assess the shoulder and identify possible issues, four common shoulder compensations found in overhead athletes and how to correct them, and much more.


Gray Cook, Dan John & Lee Burton: Essentials of Coaching and Training Functional Continuums Digital Video

In this engaging live-event lecture, Lee Burton sets the stage for Gray Cook and Dan John to outline an efficient exercise continuum you’ll be able to immediately use in your training programs.


Gray Cook: Key Functional Exercises You Should Know Digital Video

In Key Functional Exercises You Should Know, Gray Cook will show you how to use the right exercise to get results for your clients, in less time and with less work. He’ll bring clarity for you about the corrective hierarchy.


Mark Cheng: Prehab Rehab 101, The Groundwork Progressions Digital Video

If you’re able to master the inventory of movement that your sport or activities require, you’ll be able to do more with your body without increasing the risk of injury. That’s what the progressions in Prehab-Rehab 101 will help you achieve. They’ll help you or your clients master a rich inventory of movement that will raise the body’s ability to handle athletic demands without compromise or increased risk of injury.


Dan John: Warm-ups, Workouts & Barbell Complexes Digital Video

This is part four of Dan's IronOnline workshop, the final DVD of the series, in which he shows his sample warm-ups, a few workout varieties, and his famous barbell complexes. Trust me, these aren't your regular Bomber bodypart splits, although over the decades Dave's done his share of barbell rows, presses and dumbbell farmer walks, and he's probably also done our share.


McGill, Cook & Liebenson: Assessing Movement Digital Video

Whether you find yourself in the more restrictive environment of the clinical side, or the strength and conditioning and fitness end, Assessing Movement: A Contrast in Approaches & Future Directions will dig deep and help you think about the principles that will guide you in bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance.


Gray Cook: Applying the FMS Model Digital Video

In Functional Movement Systems: Applying The Model To Real Life Examples, Gray Cook and Brett Jones will speed you through the learning curve and show you how to apply the FMS like a veteran.


Cook, Burton & Cosgrove: The Future of Exercise Program Design Digital Video

In The Future of Exercise Program Design, the founders of the FMS—Gray Cook and Lee Burton—explain the FMS tests, and what the screen tells you about what your clients need to get the results they’re looking for. But more importantly, they’ve invited Alwyn Cosgrove of Results Fitness to show you how to use the FMS results to tailor programs to your clients. Results Fitness is one of the most successful gyms in America, and has successfully used the FMS to create a system that consistently delivers results for their wide range of clients.


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