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We specialize in strength and corrective exercise publishing.

On Target is home to some of the leading minds in the strength & conditioning and physical medicine worlds. Working with them, we develop fresh continuing educational materials that meet the needs of personal trainers, strength coaches, physical therapists, chiropractors and other clinicians.

Specializing in a niche like ours enables us to bring the thoughts of some of the sharpest writers, speakers and coaches in the strength and physical therapy fields to text, video and audio … and often to do it very fast. While a mainstream publisher may be still considering a project, or perhaps for financial reasons declines a terrific author who hasn’t yet proven him- or herself, we’re able to quickly respond to new trends in the field.

What you’re learning in the gym, in the clinic and on the field usually won’t stand still for the larger publishers. So then what do you do? You probably turn to websites.

But it’s very difficult to keep up when you have to jump from article to article, reading a hundred web articles instead of reading a book or watching a video dedicated to a single topic. Worse yet, how do you know you can trust all those web page authors? You don’t!

This is where a small publisher like On Target can shine.
We can help you by getting quality information to you faster.

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