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Evan Osar: Forward Shoulder Posture and Scapular Retraction Exercises, Part II

Evan Osar continues his discussion on scapular retraction exercises for clients with forward shoulder posture and demonstrates how to integrate optimal shoulder alignment and control into pulling patterns to improve both static positioning and, more importantly, function.


Mark Reifkind: Diaphragmatic Breathing

Breathing is simple. Right? What if your aren't doing it correctly . . . 23,000 times each day! Mark Reifkind explains the importance of diaphragmatic breathing and describes the physical toll that chest breathing can take on your body.


Sophia Drysdale: A Trainer’s Guide to Pregnant Clients

Addressing the long-held misconception that pregnant women shouldn't work out, Sophia Drysdale provides a concise primer covering the information that trainers need to know about their pregnant clients and the benefits that exercise will provide them.


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