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Emily Splichal – Understanding Impact Forces

The following article is adapted from Emily Splichal’s lecture Understanding Impact Forces Each time a body comes in contact with another surface, it encounters impact forces. These impact forces can have an influence on movement efficiency, injury risk, gait and limb health.  In the following article, we’ll be looking specifically at the impact forces that a body encounters through the feet. You’ll learn: The magnitude of impact forces the body encounters during common activities like walking, running and jumping How a body senses impact forces How a body keeps the joints and soft tissue safe when it encounters large impact forces  The factors that contribute to common impact force injuries like stress fractures and shin splints  You’ll finish with a better understanding of how impact forces work and, more importantly, how to manage them for better health and performance.…


Keeping Your Feet Healthy

If you don’t think your feet are important and you don’t think you should be working on your body from the ground up, think again. The average mildly sedentary person in this country walks about 5,000 steps a day. With one to two times your bodyweight in force being put into the ground on each step, these 5,000 steps add up to millions of pounds of force every year. When you realize how much stress the foot undergoes even during simple daily activities, it becomes clear just how important looking after our feet is to our health and safety.…


Exercise Program Design Fundamentals, Part Two

In Exercise Program Design Fundamentals, Part 1, you learned what to focus on in your training using Dan John's Four Quadrants. You also learned the importance of finding your gaps and saw how the FMS could be used to shape a training program and attack weaknesses. You learned how to divide your limited training time up wisely and learned the importance of developing static postures before working on dynamic movement patterns. In part 2, you will learn about the fundamental human movements, how to program sets and reps correctly, the place of corrective exercise and warm ups.  By the end, you should have a solid foundation for creating an effective training program that is able to deliver great and consistent results.…


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