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What are Goblet Squats? How to Do a Goblet Squat

The oft-referenced goblet squat was created by Dan John to teach his student athletes how to squat well. They specifically teach proper form for Dan's favorite, the overhead squat, helping the athlete learn to squat between the legs, rather than with the upper body stiff at the hips. It also works very, very well for teaching women how to squat. This short piece will answer your questions about John's goblet squats: What are they? And how do you do them?


Liz Koch: Over-Dominant Quads and the Psoas – 3 Ways to Gain Spine-Based Coherency

What are the far-reaching effects of over-dominant quads? Psoas specialist Liz Koch delves into embryology to explain this oft-misunderstood muscle, and provides three ways you can reconnect with the core. The large muscular thigh comes to mind when we imagine powerful kicking, jumping, climbing and running. Athletes, dancers and runners alike recruit this large tissue located in the front of the upper leg for power-sprung motion. But when does too much quad power become a detriment? When does putting your large quad forward become cause for achy hip sockets, low back pain, and core tension?


Emily Splichal: Small Nerve Stimulation – The Future of Proprioception Training

If current research doesn’t support instability training for improving joint proprioception, what techniques are supported? Dr. Emily Splichal considers the science behind small nerve stimulation and fascial tensioning and the benefits that they can provide for proprioceptive training.


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