Movement & Screening

Movement, by Gray Cook


If you’re looking for the missing puzzle piece to help protect your clients from future injury and to eliminate the roadblocks that hold them back from greater performance, you’ll find Gray Cook’s Functional Movement System as detailed inside the Movement book invaluable.

Inside you’ll discover a system that not only helps you screen and assess a person’s movement quality, but also a system that helps you identify the corrective strategies needed to help protect your clients from injury and help them move better.

If you’ve ever wanted to—

… then Gray’s Functional Movement System outlined in Movement may be just what you need.

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Gray Cook & Greg Rose: Three Principles You Can Apply to Any Movement

Gray Cook & Greg Rose: Three Principles of Movement

True masters of any field know that though the methods may be many, the principles are few.

People who understand and have mastered fundamental principles know exactly how to get results because they’re able to avoid confusion, see the real problems underneath and know how best to fix them regardless of the situation.

And when it comes to enhancing human movement, you must learn to do the same.

In Three Principles You Can Apply To Any Movement, two movement masters—Functional Movement Screen co-founder Gray Cook and Titleist Performance Institute co-founder Greg Rose—distill over four decades of experience working with people across multiple sports, at multiple levels, into three principles fitness professionals can use to analyze and improve any movement, no matter how complex, no matter what sport, no matter which individual.

If you’re confused by all the methods, techniques and exercises available to you, watch this presentation by two movement masters and let their three movement principles guide and simplify the way you train your clients. The sooner you have clarity, the better and faster you’ll be able to get results for them.

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Three Principles You Can Apply to Any Movement.

Assessing Movement


Though the FMS and SFMA have been both been the subject of academic research for years, there still remains a lot of debate and controversy behind the validity and value of a quick and general tool like the FMS, especially for injury prediction.

In particular, many people have highlighted a supposed difference in approach to screening, assessment and spine stabilization between Gray Cook and Stuart McGill, one of the world’s leading low back experts.

Craig Liebenson realized this, and proposed for these two giants in the field to present their approaches, clarify their positions and critically analyze the FMS.

The result is what you’ll find inside Assessing Movement: A Contrast in Approaches & Future Directions.

In the Assessing Movement DVD—

…and much more

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Assessing Movement.


Gray Cook: Applying the FMS Model


If you—

… then you’ll love this presentation by Gray Cook and Brett Jones.

In Functional Movement Systems: Applying The Model To Real Life Examples, Gray Cook and Brett Jones will speed you through the learning curve and show you how to apply the FMS like a veteran.

They explain the important concepts behind the FMS. But where you’ll really find the most value is when they pick people from different backgrounds, take them through the FMS screen, and then make corrective and programming recommendations—explaining each step and their thought process along the way.

Here’s just SOME of what Gray and Brett go through in the DVD—

If you want to see masters of the FMS conduct screens and recommend corrective strategies with real people and explain the whole process as they go along, get Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Systems: Applying The Model To Real Life Examples today.

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Applying the FMS Model.