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Gray Cook, Dan John & Lee Burton Essentials of Coaching and Training Functional Continuums Video

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Gray Cook and Dan John provide tools to identify and iron out weaknesses holding your clients back. Learn how to take the information you get from assessments and use it to prioritize components of your training for maximum effectiveness. Gray and Dan also provide exercise choices, drills and coaching tips so you can put what you learn into practice right away.


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Product Description

Gray Cook, Dan John & Lee Burton

Gray Cook Dan John Video — Gray Cook Coaching — Dan John Gray Cook Loaded Carries

Once you identify movement problems and categorize your training priorities, what do you do next?

How do you decide where a client fits into the training continuum, and when to progress or regress?

There is no question that tapping into the right movement can radically change an athlete. Take Dan John, for example, who recounts—

“A few years ago, I worked with Ted. Now, Ted’s issue was interesting: He was a fairly solid powerlifter (bench press, squat, and deadlift) and was very good at the two Olympic lifts, the snatch and the clean & jerk. In other words, folks, he was not a wannabee, a beginner, a neophyte, nor an internet warrior. Ted was the real deal.

“Good, I thought, I can help. Within seconds of his first attempt with the farmer bars weighing 105 pounds apiece, he was a stumbling drunk. He could pull hundreds of pounds off the floor, but didn’t have the stability, the cross-strength, to handle more than a few feet with the bars. We tried a heavy carry, and he was gasping for breath from being choked by having to squeeze the 150-pound bag, and then move around. Literally, his human ‘inner tube’ had almost no range past five seconds.

“A few weeks later, I get ‘that’ call: ‘Dan, you’re a genius (humbled coach blushes, but nods knowingly). My deadlift has gone up (low 500s to high 500s), and I am just thicker all over.’”

In Essentials of Coaching and Training Functional Continuums, Dan and Gray will show you the approach you need to identify, and how to work on hidden weaknesses in your training programs that are holding you, or the athletes you coach, back.

They’ll show you how to take information from assessments, and categorize your training priorities to ensure that you have no holes in your athletic base, and are working on the activities that will give you a bigger return on athletic performance.

In this engaging live-event lecture, Lee Burton sets the stage for Gray Cook and Dan John to outline an efficient exercise continuum you’ll be able to immediately use in your training programs.

I have heard a martial arts master say, “Posture is balance and balance is power.” Essentials of Coaching and Training Functional Continuums presents a powerful package of unique loaded postural drills that aim to make you powerful, not just pretty. Highly recommended.
—Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman, StrongFirst, Inc.

You’ll learn—
• Exercise choices for power, work capacity and metabolic load
• How to evaluate movement health, competency, capacity and complexity
• The difference between an exercise continuum and a training progression
• Minimum standards to progress, hold or regress
• When to correct and when to coach
• The metrics of the 4 Bs—Breathe, Bend, Balance, Bounce
• What it means to play, practice or train, and who needs which
• Postures and patterns, and drills to develop both

Let Gray Cook, Dan John & Lee Burton help you tap into full athletic potential.



Live workshop video
Drill Progressions PDF
Workshop presentation slides
PDFs of the lecture transcripts
MP3 audio files of the lectures
Dan’s Goblet Squat Instruction PDF

  • Exclusive video clip from Dan John’s Carried Away DVD (8 minutes 41 sec)
  • Dan John: From The Ground up, 97-page ebook in PDF format
  • Dan John: The Quadrants of Diet and Exercise, a 22-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 5-page PDF transcript
  • Gray Cook: What’s the Big Deal About the Toe Touch? A 48-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 9-page PDF transcript
  • Gray Cook & Brett Jones: Holds & Carries: A Shortcut to Correctives If You’re Willing, a 16-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 18-page PDF transcript

Who Benefits?

Trainers, coaches and anyone who is interested in work capacity training, loaded carries, warmups and correctives

1 review for Gray Cook, Dan John & Lee Burton Essentials of Coaching and Training Functional Continuums Video

  1. 5 out of 5


    Beyond good! Dan and Gray on one product? That alone makes it worth buying. I’d listen to these two recite the alphabet – Dan would have plenty of real world stories to keep it entertaining and informative, while Gray would have you questioning if you ‘really’ knew the alphabet.

    This product is beyond good. Everything on this DVD is applicable. The simplistic brilliance of the information they are sharing is something that everyone can use, regardless of background or philosophies.

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