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Gray Cook Key Functional Exercises You Should Know Video

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Get results for your clients in less time and with less work by focusing on the key functional exercises Gray Cook reveals in this video. You’ll also learn when to use them and how to modify them according to the needs of each person.

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Product Description

Gray Cook Key Functional Exercises
by Gray Cook

Despite the popularity of functional exercise, many trainers and corrective exercise specialists are still unsure about the details of when, how and which functional exercises to use with their clients.

And because of this, they fail to maximize the limited training time their clients have, and fail to help them improve as quickly as they could.

In Gray Cook Key Functional Exercises You Should Know, Gray Cook will show you how to use the right exercise to get results for your clients, in less time and with less work.

In our various backgrounds, many are using corrective exercise for fitness, sports performance and rehabilitation. As you think about that, you’ll realize the corrective exercise concept of improving movement dysfunction is standard, but those recipients are quite different.

Are you skilled enough to recognize those differences and implement a similar but different solution to each target group? Better yet, can you make changes on the fly as you work with individual client needs, and as those needs change from week to week or workout to workout…or minute to minute?

Tune in as Gray brings clarity to the corrective hierarchy. In this lecture, he’ll explain the differences between functional and corrective exercise. He’ll provide the goals of both, and describe what each is best for and the challenges they present.

Then he gives us his top exercise choices, those Key Functional Exercises You Should Know, and teaches us the order to use them—and why. For each of the these, the chop & lift, the deadlift and the Turkish getup, he details his favorite variations, the verbal instructions he uses, then moves to live demonstration with on-the-fly corrections. He’ll show you when to use them and how to modify them for each client.

As you watch your clients doing their corrective exercises today, do more than watch form. Ask yourself why you selected a particular exercise. What exactly is your goal for that exercise, for that person? Is it doing what you think it’s doing? Is it doing the same thing for your first client as it’s doing for the second?

These are the type of questions Gray proposes—and then answers—in this thought-provoking lecture.

Of course, form is important. But it turns out, that’s only the first step.

Knowing quality form when you see it, and being able to offer the perceptive corrections to trigger righting responses is the foundation of what Gray will teach you in this lecture. Then he’ll build on that to help you think through the deeper levels of how these exercises work, and why you’d use one exercise over another for each of your clients.

A firm grasp of these concepts will help you make a bigger difference for your clients. And that makes for a fulfilling day at work.

Get Results Quickly With These Three Gray Cook Key Functional Exercises

In the Gray Cook Key Functional Exercises You Should Know video, Gray will explore—

  • His three key functional exercises: the chop and lift, the Turkish getup, and the deadlift
  • The hierarchy of these exercises: which to work on first for the quickest results
  • Gray’s favorite regressions and progressions on each exercise, and when to use each
  • The subtle verbal coaching cues he uses to maintain correct alignment and stability through the movements
  • What most people do incorrectly on the movements and how to coach and correct them (he coaches these in live demonstrations)
  • and much more

You’ll walk away knowing how to use these key exercises as functional and corrective tools with your clients, and will never again be stuck using ineffective corrective exercises that don’t actually help your client improve.

You’ll have a deeper level of understanding of why and how these exercises work, which to use in each specific case, and how to modify the exercises to change the difficulty level or target area.

Don’t be left clueless about which functional exercises to use. Let Gray Cook show you the key functional exercises that will have your clients performing better in less time.

Knowing how to do an exercise doesn’t mean owning the art of teaching and coaching it well enough to change movement.

Gray also took questions throughout the course of the workshop, questions yelled at will whenever some brave soul got stumped on a concept. During the DVD, you’ll learn the answers to some of the questions you may have wondered but haven’t had the opportunity to ask. For example, questions like—

  • Why do you use a high bridge in the Turkish getup? Is there ever a time when you wouldn’t?
  • What is the preferred knee position for deadlifting?
  • Do you have common options to modify the chop and lift?
  • How do I know when a cable bar chop and lift is lined up correctly?
  • What are key factors to look for before advancing the chop and lift from a cable bar to split handles or a rope?
  • Do you have rules for range of motion or range limitation in the deadlift?
  • Can you provide greater depth about exercises that require total engagement and a better explanation of self-limiting exercise?
  • What is the FMS company line on asymmetry, even for asymmetrical athletes?
  • What’s the difference between corrective exercise and functional exercise?
  • Why did you call these exercises ‘key’? What’s so special about them?
  • Can you explain how to use the FMS online exercise library?
  • What are the rules for single-leg deadlifting?
  • What functional patterns are represented in each of the key functional exercises?
  • What is the role of the grip and the lats in the deadlift?
  • Which modifications are key in the Turkish getup?
  • How do I spot faulty form in the deadlift?
  • How do I spot faulty form in the chop and lift?
  • How do I spot faulty form in the Turkish getup?
  • How and when do I progress from a corrective exercise to a functional exercise?

Gray Cook Key Functional Exercises
Get Your Copy Today

If you want your athletes and clients to maximize their training time and make improvements as quickly as possible, let Gray Cook show you how to use the key functional exercises they need to perform at a better level.


In addition to the high-quality edited video recording of the presentation, you’ll get—

  • Full Audio Recordings of the presentation in MP3 format
  • Full Transcripts of the presentation in PDF format
  • The presentation slides in PDF format
  • Workshop Manual—a 56-page PDF
  • Video demonstrations of the exercises from the presentation in MP4 and QuickTime format
    • Heavy Getup
    • Double-Leg Double-Kettlebell Deadlift
    • Double-Leg Single-Kettlebell Deadlift
    • Half-Kneeling Chop
    • Half-Kneeling Lift
    • Naked Getup
    • Single-Leg Chop
    • Single- & Double-Kettlebell Deadlift
    • Single-Leg Lift
    • Single-Leg Single-Kettlebell Deadlift
    • Tall-Kneeling Chop
    • Tall-Kneeling Lift
    • Turkish Getup
  • Michael Boyle’s Advances in Functional Training Excerpt: The Joint-By-Joint Concept —a 3-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: Expanding on the Joint-By-Joint Approach—a 7-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: Examples of Self-Limiting Activities—a 1-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: Early Perspectives on Functional Movement Systems—a 3-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: The 10 Movement Principles—a 12-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: A Glimpse into a Better Future—a 2-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: Damn Detours—a 2-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: Function—a 9-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: On Seeds and Soil—a 2-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: A New Look at Movement—a 2-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: The Chop & Lift…Anywhere—a 3-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: Introduction to the Chop & Lift—a 6-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: Maintain the Squat, Train the Deadlift—a 7-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: Organic Exercise—a 2-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: The Chop…For Power—a 4-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: The Chop & Lift…Continued—a 4-page PDF
  • Brett Jones: Corrective Exercise Essentials—a 13-minute MP3 audio recording accompanied by a 3-page PDF transcript. Normally $2.95
  • Gray Cook: Developing A Movement Philosophy—a 43-minute MP3 audio recording accompanied by a 11-page PDF transcript. Normally $4.95
  • Gray Cook: Self-Limiting Exercise—a 30-minute MP3 audio recording accompanied by a 7-page PDF transcript. Normally $4.95
  • Lee Burton: Core Testing and Assessment—a 37-minute MP3 audio recording accompanied by a 10-page PDF transcript. Normally $4.95
  • Lee Burton: The History of the Functional Movement Screen—a 22-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 6-page PDF transcript
  • Phil Plisky: The Development of the Y Balance Test—a 13-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 3-page PDF transcript

PLUS more bonuses only when you buy from On Target Publications—

  • Gray Cook: What’s the Big Deal About the Toe Touch?—a 48-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 9-page PDF transcript
  • Dan John: Intervention Audiobook, Chapter 21—Chapter 21 of Intervention, an audiobook. A 7-page PDF
  • Brett Jones: Strength for Success—an 18-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 5-page PDF transcript

Who Benefits?

Trainers and coaches who need to know technique and cueing tips for the chop & lift, deadlift and Turkish getup

2 reviews for Gray Cook Key Functional Exercises You Should Know Video

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Again and Again I come back to these videos when I sense stagnation in my ability to get clients over the FMS hurdles (pun intended). Another nugget uncovered each time. Thank Gray and the gang for making another well organized, accessible, portable program that helps fitness professionals keep an eye on the important stuff—client safety as they progress towards their most important goals.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Super information. I am so excited to get started on using these ideas on myself and then my patients. I would suggest watching all 3 discs. Very worthwhile to have the whole package at this price.

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