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Sue Falsone The Shoulder Video

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Former LA Dodgers physical therapist and head athletic trainer Sue Falsone reveals the four common shoulder compensations found in overhead athletes, and demonstrates practical drills you can use to correct them. You’ll also learn how to identify possible issues in the shoulder so you can stop shoulder injuries before they happen.


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Product Description

by Sue Falsone

Implications for the Overhead Athlete and Beyond

Shoulder injuries can put an athlete out for weeks or months, costing precious game or practice time. Shoulder injuries can also lead to costly surgery and the frustrating process of rehabilitation— often with players never returning to their original form prior to the injury.

For athletes climbing the ranks in the early stages of a career, this can cost them the experience they need to break onto a team. For athletes in a later stage of their careers, these conditions and injuries can put an end to their careers and send them into early retirement.

But most of all, these shoulder conditions and injuries can cause constant pain, a decrease in quality form and can stop people from playing a sport they love.

Whether your clients are professional athletes whose multi-million dollar contracts rely on their shoulders performing optimally and pain-free… … or weekend warriors who just want to enjoy playing a favorite sport pain-free… …you need to learn how to look after the shoulder.

In The Shoulder: Implications for the Overhead Athlete and Beyond, physical therapist Sue Falsone will tell you what you need to know about the shoulder, including—

  • Areas to pay attention to when working with overhead athletes
  • How to assess the shoulder and identify possible issues
  • Four common shoulder compensations found in overhead athletes, and how to correct them

Sue Falsone has had extensive experience working with overhead athletes, having worked as the head athletic trainer of the Major League Baseball team, the L.A. Dodgers, for six years, and at Athlete’s Performance (now EXOS) for thirteen years. Sue is the owner of her consulting company, S&F, where she teaches healthcare clinicians the skills they need to get better results with their clients. She is also the Head of Athletic Training and Sport Performance with the US men’s national soccer team, and sits on the board of various sports organizations.

She designed this lecture, The Shoulder: Implications for the Overhead Athlete and Beyond, to help professionals from clinicians to ATCs, and strength coaches or personal trainers to physical therapists and chiropractors. Anyone working with athletes, clients or patients who have movement-based shoulder issues can help ease shoulder aches and pains and help prevent crippling injury.

So whether you’re working to help elite overhead athletes playing 162 games a season avoid shoulder injuries that can end a season or cost them a career… … or with recreational athletes or desk jockeys looking to restore function without niggling injuries or pain, check out The Shoulder: Implications for the Overhead Athlete and Beyond and learn the skills you need to look after your clients.

Get Your Copy Today

If you work with people suffering from shoulder problems, get Sue Falsone’s The Shoulder: Implications for the Overhead Athlete and Beyond and learn how to treat these common shoulder compensations. You’ll find the tools you need to restore function, reduce pain and help avoid shoulder injuries in your clients.


In addition to the high-quality edited video recording of the presentation, you’ll get—

  • Full Audio Recordings of the presentation in MP3 format
  • Full Transcripts of the presentation in PDF format
  • Tip Sheets—a 2-page and a 4-page PDF
  • Gray Cook: IFOMPT Keynote Address—What is our baseline for movement?—a 56-minute MP3 audio recording accompanied by a 16-page PDF transcript
  • Lee Burton: Core Testing and Assessment—a 37-minute MP3 audio recording accompanied by a 10-page PDF transcript. Normally $4.95
  • FMS Scoring Criteria, Score Sheet & Verbal Instructions—a 13-page PDF
  • Phil Plisky: Implementing Testing and Screening—a 13-minute MP3 audio recording accompanied by a 7-page PDF transcript. Normally $4.95

PLUS more bonuses only when you buy from On Target Publications!

  • Sue Falsone: The Thoracic Spine—a 70-minute MP3 audio recording accompanied by a 42-page PDF transcript. Normally $6.95
  • Gray Cook: Isolation, It’s Totally Natural—a 47-minute MP3 audio recording accompanied by a 11-page PDF transcript. Normally $5.95
  • Mark Cheng: Breathing, an Excerpt from Prehab/Rehab 101—an 8-minute MP4 video recording

Who Benefits?

Directed toward trainers, coaches and clinicians, but appropriate for anyone interested in relieving shoulder tension and pain

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