Attempts: Essays on Fitness, Health, Longevity and Easy Strength by Dan John

Attempts is a collection of Dan John’s newest essays on Easy Strength, health, and related issues

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Product Description

Dan John

Essays on Fitness, Health, Longevity and Easy Strength

“Dan John is smart, strong and enthusiastic—and applies these admirable elements in the gym and on the field generously, fiercely. The objects he handles fly through the air with ease. That’s the good part of Dan’s engagement, a very good part. The best part is when Dan exchanges the discus for a pen and writes about his deeds…to teach, to instruct, to inspire, to entertain. That’s your cue, so sit back and read. Smile, learn and grow.” 
~ Dave Draper, Author of A Glimpse in the Rear View


Attempts—Essays on Fitness, Health, Longevity and Easy Strength

In this collection of essays, Dan John expands on some of his famous one-liners:

How many rabbits are you chasing?
Enough is enough; more is just more.
Fit for what? must be part of your language.
The greatest secret I know in every field of life is always obvious.
Think through the wonders and pleasures of achieving your goal.
Last throw, best throw!
No fuzzy maxes in the weight room.
Correct your weaknesses, but compete with your strengths.
Most of success is just showing up.
Peaking is often simply staying on the path.

…and many more…

You’ve heard them before, but have you internalized them?

Let Dan help you dig a little deeper into how life’s truths show up in the weightroom and on the field of play.

What you learn in this selection will get you thinking more broadly into how it all fits together—fitness, health, longevity and Easy Strength.

To enjoy Dan’s new essays on strength and longevity, order your copy today.

Dan John

Dan spends his work life blending workshops and lectures with full-time writing and teaching religious studies as an instructor for Columbia College of Missouri.

His other books on strength include 40 Years with a Whistle, Now What?, Before We Go, Can You Go?, Intervention, Never Let Go, Mass Made Simple and From Dad to Grad. He co-wrote Easy Strength with Pavel Tsatsouline and Fat Loss Happens on Monday with Josh Hillis, and is again at work on his next book on strength training and coaching.

Chapter List


Building the Foundation
On Essays, or, How I Wrote This Work 13
What I Mean by Fitness, Health, Longevity and Easy Strength 15
My Three Essential Coaching and Life “Truths” 21
On January and the Importance of Looking Back 31
It’s Not Where You Start, It’s Where You Finish 33
“A,” “Not A” Goals 35
Forthteller, Not a Fortuneteller 37
Tony Robbins… Pain and Pleasure 39
The Dublin Joke 47
Show Up 49
Planning the Plan 51
People Tell You What They Think You Want to Hear 53
Fit 55
Never Fail. Unless You Do. 57

Life Lessons—Some Tough, All True
Resumé Building versus Eulogy Building 63
Eat the Biggest, Ugliest Toad First 65
It’s Not What You Eat, It’s What You Ate 67
Practice Thanksgiving 69
Mindful or Mindless Habits 71
Pecked to Death by Ducks 73
Cycles 75
Level Training 77
DIEting from a Foods Approach 81

Some Big Ideas about Training… and Life
Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence 89
Crystallized Intelligence and Warrior Thinking 93
Fluid Intelligence and King or Queen Thinking 95
Crystallized Intelligence and King or Queen Thinking 97
Improving Skills… or Not 99
The Key to Coaching (and Life) 101
Things that Are Needed and Skills that Can’t Be Improved 103
Training for the Crazy Life 105
Coaching Basics 107
Cueing and Coaching—Appropriate Information 113
Further Down the Road with Easy Strength 119
Bus Bench and Park Bench 123
The Hangover Rule 125
The Beginning of the Modern Easy Strength 127
The Easier Strength Workouts 131
Realistic Reps and Simple Ideas Most of the Time 137
The Quadrants for Strength Coaches 143
Quadrant One 145
Training in Quadrant One 147
Quadrant Two 151
Training in Quadrant Two 153
Quadrant Three 155
Training in Quadrant Three 157
Quadrant Four 159
Training in Quadrant Four 161
Easy Strength and the Experienced Athlete 163
Peaking Programs or Goal Achievement 165
Easy Strength and the Magic Secrets of Training 169
Understanding Heavy 171
Variation in Easy Strength 175
Easy Strength Approach to O Lifting 181
Combining the Easy Strength O Lifting with Fasting and Complexes 187
The Fast-15 Easy Strength Olympic Lifting Program 189
The Post-Deployment Program 205
Six Decades of Lessons in 50 Words 221

Appendix One—Packing 225
Appendix Two—How to be the Perfect Wedding Guest 233
Appendix Three—Fast Mimicking Diet Information 241
Appendix Four—The Southwood Workout 245
Appendix Five—The Southwood Program 249
Appendix Six—Reaching for the Five 253
Appendix Seven—The Fractals Article 257
Appendix Eight—Snapacity, from 40 Years with a Whistle 263
Appendix Nine—The Updated 10,000 Swing Challenge 275
Appendix Ten—The Original 10,000 Swing Program 287

Index 295
About the Author 299


Attempts Index

On Essays

Show Up

Who Benefits?

Anyone who enjoys reading about strength training


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