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To a young coach, this book will be a sturdy platform to begin your new career. The seasoned coach will find subtle reminders, fresh perspectives and reassurance that you’re not alone.

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Brendon Rearick

Coaching Rules
A How-To Manual for a Successful Career in Strength and Fitness

“Coaching Rules will be a gamechanger for the clean-shirt intern or the-hole-in-the-shirt, sleep-on-the-gym-floor 20-year veteran. Brendon points a light on what’s truly important in our relationships with ourselves and those we coach.”
~ Tim Concannon, Nothing Stronger


Unlike your predecessors, it’s now possible to retire from a long and successful career as a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer or group fitness instructor. These professions have earned the respect of other fields and are now collectively considered a legitimate career path. Being a trainer or coach is no longer viewed as just a hobby.

With all of the available training information, you’d think there’d be more about the how-tos of coaching. There are countless books on theory, access to thousands of research papers and you can attend a continuing education event every weekend, but who’s teaching you how to be a coach?

“Deliberate and to-the-point. Brendon Rearick has written a coaching how-to with practical application. Do not miss the opportunity to learn from one of our industry’s best.”
~ Olivia Egan-Rudolph, S&C Coach San Jose, CA

Coaching Rules covers the six biggest obstacles you’ll face when pursuing success in the strength and fitness profession: complacency, egotism, poor communication, lack of connection, overcomplication and client attrition.

“Brendon challenges and changes lives. He’s what we all strive to be in our field, a good and decent human.”
~ Dan John, Author of 40 Years with a Whistle

To a young coach, this book will be a sturdy platform to begin your new career. The seasoned coach will find subtle reminders, fresh perspectives and reassurance that you’re not alone.

“No matter where you are in your career, Coaching Rules is by far one of the most valuable resources for trainers wanting a career in coaching. This book provides effective and helpful strategies in becoming a better coach in EVERY facet of the job. Brendon has created something powerful!”
~ Colby Congel


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Brendon RearickBrendon Rearick

Coach Brendon Rearick began his career at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Woburn, MA after graduating with a degree in kinesiology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Over the last 11 years, he has opened a massage business, launched an education company, spoke at conferences both domestically and internationally, created his first product and, with his wife Jenny, opened an adult fitness and sports performance facility in Brentwood, CA.

“Read this book. Learn from a man for whom I have great respect.”
~ Mike Boyle, Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning

Chapter List


Foreword: Michael Boyle
Preface: Dan John
Ground Rules

Part 1: How Should I Coach?
Communicate Clearly

Part 2: How Should I Program?
Keep It Simple

Part 3: How Should I Program?
Do No Harm

Part 4: How Do I Make Coaching a Career?
Serve Others

In Summary


The Rules List
External Cueing List
Bibliography and Recommended Reading

About the Author



Foreword by Michael Boyle

Who Benefits?

Strength coaches and personal trainers who want to build a career in the field

9 reviews for Coaching Rules

  1. Noël Brand

    This book will make your life as a coach easier.
    Stick to these rules if you want to be a successful, professional and world class coach, that makes a difference in other peoples lives and helps his clients and athletes reach their goals now, next year, next decade and perhaps in 20 years time. When you read this book – and you should – you will be reminded of the things you are already doing well, but you will also be made aware of what you are not yet doing – or need to work on. “JUST” reading this book will not be enough, you are going to have to put all of this into practice, luckily this book will also help you put the rules into practice. The rules are simple. But simple does not mean easy. This book is also going to make my life easier, because now I can gift this book to my coaches and the personal trainers at Breda Strength & Conditioning. I highly recommend Coaching Rules to everyone else that works (or wants to work) as a fitness professional. I am grateful that Brendon took the time and effort the write this book.
    Reading this book and implementing the rules will 100% make you a better coach.
    Change my mind.

  2. Justin Grinnell

    I feel that every personal trainer should read this book. So much so that I have made this mandatory read for my personal training interns and trainers. Brendan has done a masterful job at putting together the knowledge that he has acquired over the course of his career and breaking it down into simple, digestible bits of information. Each rule has a nice take away that can be immediately implemented into your daily training. For a young coach, Brendan has been able to put together the framework of what it takes to be a successful trainer and coach.

  3. Joe Howard

    If you could get years of experience as a coach by reading a book, this would be it. Loved the book, learned a lot and will be helpful to revisit and recommend to other coaches!

  4. beckyhotek (verified owner)

    This book is a phenomenal resource for experienced and inexperienced coaches alike. I can see myself referring to it again and again. The depth of understanding and experience shown in this book is what makes it so valuable. It will challenge you to rethink and reflect on what you do as a coach. Not only is this an enjoyable read, it will challenge you to become the best coach you can be.


    I really enjoyed reading Coaching Rules. Well organized, simple and practical. The book I would want to read when I started Coaching.

  6. Elisa Semedo

    Coaching rules by Brendon Rearick

    As a healthcare professional and a strength and conditioning student “coaching rules” is a simple yet comprehensive system to guide anyone in their coaching journey.
    Brendon has the ability to make complex concepts into simple and applicable action steps. This book is to the benefit of anyone who desires to continue to grow, improve their craft and enhance other people’s lives. I’m thankful for all the information, as it served me as a review of what I learned during my internship at MBSC and how applicable these concepts are in the rehabilitation arena.
    It was also a call-out to things I can improve and need to give attention to, such as starting my exercise library with clear and targeted cues.
    Thank you for all that you do Brendon and for being a great example.

    Elisa Semedo PT, DPT, CSCS

  7. Vinny Talluto

    I really enjoyed reading Coaching Rules. Well organized, easily digestible, and a fun read that I found myself nodding/laughing to the entire time! Whether you’re just starting out looking to make an impact or have ‘skin in the game’ and love to reflect- this book has something in it for you.

  8. Jeremy

    I wish I had read this book before embarking on my strength coach career. Every coach should read this book.

  9. Cody Napaepae

    A must read!

    Fitness Coaching is not just about the X’s and O’s of training; it’s about building relationships with your clients and members to set them up for success on their fitness and health journey.

    Coaching Rules sets a framework to help you (the reader) set standards and how you can equip yourself with the right mindset to coach, not just clients, but people.

    The beauty of this book is it’s simplicity. You can read it chunks, or one rule a day. However you decide to read it, you will gain valuable insight on how to apply each rule immediately into your coaching.

    If you’re new to the fitness industry this should be one of the books you grab and keep in your library.

    If you’re a veteran in the industry; this book is a good reminder on why you got started, and how you can continually improve as a coach and building relationships with your members.

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