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Before We Go is a collection of Dan John’s articles covering programming, fat loss, mass building, exercise selection, mobility, correctives and more. If you need fresh ideas to transform your training, this book is for you.

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Dan John Before We Go – Dan John Never Let Go Sequel – Latest Dan John Book

An Ongoing Philosophy of Lifting, Living and Learning

by Dan John
Foreword by TC Luoma. Cover image by Chip Conrad

If you’re looking for tested ideas to transform your training, this new Dan John book is for you.

Before We Go is a collection of some of Dan John’s best articles on all things training—covering programming, diet, fat loss, mass building, individual exercises, mobility, correctives, balancing training with life, and much more.

Having spent over 40 years coaching and training himself and others, there are few in the strength field who have Dan’s breadth of quality of experience.

Dan has tried everything, and the chapters of Before We Go share those insights he’s learned along the way so you don’t have to spend years discovering them for yourself.

This book will throw so many new ideas at you, you’ll likely have more than a few ‘eureka’ moments and be inspired to try them in your training right away.

Whether you’re stuck in a rut and are looking for something new to get you unstuck, or you’re looking for insights from a master coach that will help give you the edge you need in your sport, pick up Before We Go and learn from Dan John’s enormous wealth of wisdom.

Just one of the ideas inside could forever change the way you train.

Audiobook sample, narrated by Steven Oswalt

“After listening to Dan John lecture or reading his work, I envy his athletes not only for the good fortune of receiving his coaching expertise, but also for the lessons that will carry them along through life. Dan is a common man, but an uncommon motivator.”

Dave Tate
CEO EliteFTS.com

What’s Covered in Before We Go

Training for Busy People

Most people have full-time jobs, families and social lives to juggle with their training. In Before We Go, Dan gives practical help to those looking to get great results with limited time.


How do you continue to improve and get great results from your training? Dan gives some solid training and programming advice.


Need some workout ideas to reinvigorate your training? Try one of the many in Before We Go.

Diet & Nutrition

If you want to perform at your peak, make sure you pay attention to what you eat as well as how you train. Inside Dan John’s Before We Go, you’ll get practical diet and nutrition advice.

Fat Loss

Need to lose a little (or a lot) of fat? You’ll find useful advice and tips inside Before We Go.

Mass building

Whether you’re trying to build more armor to handle sporting collisions or simply trying to put a few pounds on your frame, you’ll find the tips you need to get bigger inside Before We Go.

Exercises & Training Tools

With over four decades of experience coaching and training athletes and everybody else, Dan has amassed a wealth of knowledge about training tools and exercises. Read Before We Go and pick up a few gems to change the way you train.

Mobility, flexibility and prehab

Want to move and feel better? There are many mobility, flexibility and prehab tips inside Before We Go.

“I’m a big Dan John fan.  I’ve been one for many years. The really cool thing about Dan is that he writes about real life in a real sense, and he also knows a ton about training.”

Michael Boyle
Michael Boyle Strength & Conditioning, author of Advances in Functional Training

And much more

  • Two tips to help you sleep longer and improve the quality of your sleep. pg.128
  • The five jackasses of fitness. pg.71
  • The single greatest training tool you have for success. pg.88
  • How much an Arnold Schwarznegger could snatch and clean and jerk. pg.139
  • One of the worst kept secrets of Olympic sports. pg.143
  • Dan John’s recommended reading list. pg.356
  • The muscles responsible for good posture. pg.165
  • Four ideas for group training. pg.259
  • 10 tips to help you peak at competition. pg.287
  • Nine tips for dedicated lifters. 279
  • Five key principles for fitness professionals. pg.315
  • Forty lessons learned the hard way from forty years of training. pg.323
  • Four ways to fire up work capacity. pg.57

“Dan John has been in the lifting weights since about the history of recorded time. He’s seen it all, done it all, and tried it all. His knowledge and experience is encyclopaedic… coupled with his willingness to share that information with anybody who cares to show interest.”

Lyle McDonald

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If you’d like to access over 40 years of coaching and training wisdom, get Dan John’s book, Before We Go. In it you’ll find endless ideas, tips and insights on training that will change the way you train forever.

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  • Standards, Sample Warmups & Complexes—a 12-page PDF

“Coach Dan John is one of the premier instructors in the world of movement, strength and athleticism. His lectures on athletic training have revolutionized the thinking of thousands and will set the standard in safer, smarter, more productive training methods.”

Dr. Mark Cheng
L.Ac., Ph.D., RKC Team Leader & author of Prehab-Rehab 101

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Chapter List

Foreword, TC Luoma 10
Tough or Reasonable? 12
Goblet Squats 101 19
The 10,000-Swing Kettlebell Workout 23
Real-Life Training and Eating 30
The Best Ways to Audit Your Program 39
The Secret of Loaded Carries 45
The Big Five of Getting Big 49
Four Ways to Fire Up Work Capacity 55
Nine Great Ideas to Improve Your Workouts 60
The Five Jackasses of Fitness 66
Reasonableness as a Standard 72
Training Clarity: One Goal at a Time 77
Eat Like a Warrior King 85
Get Your Push Back 91
Six Challenges You Must Accept and Beat 96
Foam Rollers Are for Wimps! 100
A Novel Approach to Rest Periods 106
On Drinking and Phenomenology 115
Figuring Out Your Life and Lifting Goals 120
Going From Point A to Point B 128
Five Reasons You Don’t Look Like You Lift 133
The More You Lift, the Worse You Look? 137
High-Performance, No-BS Correctives 144
Rebuild Yourself with Complexes 151
Ten Simple Tips to Get More Mass 160
The Forty-Day Program 166
The Olympic Lifts: A Study of Compromises to Options 173
Ten Secrets to Building Mass 177
The Four Pillars of Strength Training 183
Armor Building 190
Maximal Fat Loss, Minimal Equipment 199
Band Of Meatheads—The Glories Of Group Training 204
The Tabata Method, Perfected 212
Four Challenges to Light Your Fire! 217
Another Six Challenge Workouts 222
Nine Tips for Dedicated Lifters 227
Nervous Energy and Peaking 232
Working Out on the Road 236
Kettlebell Swing Mistakes 240
The Metabolic Swing 244
How I Really Train 248
The Five Key Principles for Fitness Professionals 257
Forty Years of Insight 263
Appendix—Reading list 284
For More From Dan—Wandering Weights: Our Epic Journey Through All Things Heavy 286
Index 287
Secrets About the Author 288


Four Ways to Fire Up Work Capacity

Before We Go Index

Who Benefits?

Anyone who enjoys reading about training, programming ideas or needs workout motivation

9 reviews for Dan John Before We Go

  1. kannan.raman

    Dan says in the book that ‘Success leaves tracks’ and we should follow it. No better way to do that than to follow Dan himself! Very good read, the slower you read it the better as there’s a number of big messages/learning’s that Dan passes on. I tend to write-up a shorter version of those key points on a google drive document so that I can do a quick look through of those often, tends to get ‘through’ better that way!

  2. Ridge Carpenter

    Loved this one! Dan’s work is always worth reading, watching or listening to, because there will ALWAYS be something new and directly actionable. This book proves that statement consecutively on every page.

  3. Tom Reynolds

    A fantastic collection of life lessons, programmes and philosophies which has helped me move from an occasional, casual gym goer to a committed lifter. Motivational and entertaining. Highly recommended.

  4. Bob Boston

    I’ve read all Dan’s books. Always practical and I’m not sure how, but his writing style and stories just seem to be always speaking my language. This collection, like others, inspires me to keep lifting and living! Thank Dan!

  5. Tyler

    FANTASTIC. I geek out hard on the teachings and lessons from the man, Dan. I pick up so many gems from Dan that are applicable not only to my daily life, both in and out of training, but also things that I can apply with patients and clients alike.

  6. Nick Perich (verified owner)

    Before You Go is a fantastic read. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Like Jack Nicholson in ‘As good as it gets’ Dan John’s writing makes me want to be a better man. And this book gives you the insight and inspiration to do so!

  7. Conor Morrissey

    I read this book about a year ago and felt it transcended its subject matter. Filled with insight and mastery from years of dedicated learning, training and progress. A must read for anyone interested in fitness, and that’s from a skinny marathon runner.

  8. Jamie Gatto

    Dan John has an amazing way of simplifying strength, fitness and a healthy approach to living with a wicked sense of humor to boot!

  9. John (verified owner)

    A great read! There are a ton of life lessons in this book that I’ve actually incorporated into my life. Every time I loan the book out I get it back with positive comments!

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