Dan John, Chip Conrad A Systems Approach

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Chip Conrad and Dan John show you how to not only get better results from your training, but also rediscover your passion for it. In these two presentations, they discuss motivation, goal-setting and provide a principles-based approach to training to help you reach those goals as quickly as possible.

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Product Description

by Dan John & Chip Conrad

A Systems Approach to Coaching and Training
How to Build a Holistic Athlete

Dan John Systems Video — Chip Conrad Bodytribe Video — Chip Conrad Athlete

When it comes to training, most people aren’t getting the results they want.

This usually happens for two reasons: They either get the ‘how’ of training wrong, or they get the ‘why’ of training wrong, or sometimes both.

1) Knowing ‘how’ to train properly, which exercises to select, how many sets, how many reps, how much to focus on strength, mobility, flexibility, stability, conditioning… how many times a week to train, how long the session should be, how you should change a program as you progress or regress—these are critically important for both short-term and long-term success.

NOT knowing how to train properly can be incredibly frustrating. This is made even harder with all the confusing and conflicting information, and the new fitness fads that make it even hard to figure out the ‘how’ of training.

2) The second reason why people don’t get the results they want is also the least talked about: It’s the ‘why’ of training.

Figuring out the ‘why’ of training is one of the keys to unlocking higher levels of motivation, drive and energy needed to consistently perform better.

The ‘why’ of training looks at the bigger picture, and answers questions like: “Why do you train?” “What goals should you set?” and “How do you find motivation to train week after week, month after month, year after year…and still enjoy it?”

Sadly, most people never take the time to answer the ‘why’ question of training, choosing to jump straight into the details of the ‘how.’ Because of this, they fail to find the levels of drive, motivation and enjoyment needed for consistent results and a fruitful athletic career.

If you or the people you coach have ever suffered from these problems, don’t worry. There’s help at hand.

Finally Start Getting The Results You’re Looking For

If you’re not satisfied with the results you’re currently getting from your training sessions, and are ready to do some deep thinking about why, and how you train, then you’ll love these talks by Dan John and Chip Conrad.

Together in their presentations, Dan and Chip will help you figure out the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of training, and show you not only how to get better results, but in the process you’ll re-discover your joy and passion for training.

In Chip’s How To Create A Holistic Athlete presentation, he explores the important ‘why’ of training, and shows you how to set better goals, and find deeper motivation in your training.

Dan’s presentation in A Systems Approach To Coaching & Training, complements this. He goes into the ‘how’ of training—how to create more effective results year after year through a principle-based training system, which you can use and adapt to any person, any goal, and any circumstance.

Chip helps you to think about where you’re headed in your training—your ‘Point B.’

And Dan shows you how to get there as quickly as possible.

Dan and Chip both have decades of experience between them, not just as athletes, but also as coaches, so you can be sure they can guide you in your own journey, no matter where you are at the moment. They can also help you guide your clients through this process as well.

You won’t find any ‘magic pills,’ ‘quick fixes,’ or ‘4-week programs’ in these presentations.

What you will find, are solid systems and principles to guide you as you seek to build your own training programs and coaching approaches.

Rethink The Way You Train

In this video set, you’ll learn—

  • The difference between a training program and a training system
  • Dan John’s 5 principles of training that guide all his programming choices
  • How to change and adapt your training for whatever life throws at you: Dan John’s cradle-to-the-grave approach to strength training, conditioning and coaching
  • Breaking training into four movements
  • How to improve your mind-body connection
  • Maturing as an athlete: Chip’s seven levels of goal-setting
  • Creating a holistic athlete—incorporating the metaphysical to deepen your pursuit of athleticism
  • and much more

If you’re looking for an honest, intelligent, logical, deeper and more holistic approach to training, you’ll love Dan and Chip’s presentations.

They’ll not only give you tools to create training programs that get better results in the long run, but they’ll also teach you to look deeper, and to develop the motivation and passion you need to propel you through your training.

I must tell you the Holistic Athlete DVD is phenomenal.
The Systems section by Dan John will change your life if you really listen. Damn awesome! He is an incredible presenter. 

~ Perry Nickelston, DC,NKT,SFMA, 

What’s Covered in the Presentation

Chip Conrad: How To Create A Holistic Athlete

In this disc, Chip Conrad focuses most of his time discussing the ‘why’ of training. His talk about goal-setting and finding the motivation for training will help you rethink and reshape your athletic journey and give you renewed energy inside and outside the gym. This material will also help trainers in guiding their clients as well.

Here’s what Chip covers (including transcript page references)—

  • The first thing you should do when somebody wants to become a member or client—they often won’t know how to do this for themselves. pg.2
  • Why fitness shouldn’t be treated like a service industry, and how we should view it instead. pg.2
  • How the pursuit of strength, fitness and movement relates to the concept of ‘tribe.’ pg.3-4
  • Where do goals fit? The seven levels of goal-setting. pg.4
  • The type of goals most people set when they first walk into a gym. pg.4
  • One of the best physical goals you can set. pg.5
  • The basic model clients start with at Chip’s gym, Bodytribe: what they focus on, and what they learn. pg.7-8
  • Why it’s so important to have ‘zombie arms’ when doing the pushup. pg.8
  • How Chip likes to break down exercises and movements. pg.8
  • How to keep your shoulders in position using the ‘squish the troll’ cue. pg.9
  • The two opposing movements you need to do on a pushup. pg.9
  • What your body should look like when you’re about to do a pushup. pg.9
  • A demonstration of proper spine position on the pushup. pg.10
  • The difference between ‘belly up’ and ‘booty up’ on the pushup—and which to use to cue your clients. pg.10
  • How to activate the lats in the pushup. pg.11
  • How far down you should tell your clients to go in the pushup. pg.12
  • How to maintain proper form when coming back up on the pushup—this is the part of the movement where most people lose form. pg.12
  • A simple way to incorporate ‘play’ back into a training session. pg.13
  • Four laws to guide an athletic journey. pg.14
  • One way to improve the mind-body connection. pg.15
  • How to use movement creativity to improve the mind-body connection. pg.16
  • The ten commandments of lifting: the rules to obey for an effective, sustainable life of training. pg.16
  • Chip’s thoughts on Workout of the Days (WODs). pg.17
  • How to approach percentage training in your clients’ programs. pg.17
  • How to develop your passion: what you can learn about Hawaiian surfers. pg.18
  • Where to go if you want to see and pick up a 100-year-old dumbbell. pg.19
  • The last step of the journey in creating a holistic athlete: going from the physical to the metaphysical. pg.21
  • Building a holistic athlete through play: the parts that made up the Greek concept of play. pg.22
  • How the ancient Greeks viewed competition, and how it differs from the modern Western idea of competition. pg.22
  • Pick up movements faster using a common meditation practice. pg.23
  • What super-athletes know how to do that the rest of us don’t know. pg.24
  • What Chip learned from being mentored by the famous Dr. Mel Siff. pg.27
  • The full circle of knowing: the three components that make up mastery of knowledge and skill pg.27
  • The difference between the Eastern and Western understanding of ‘enlightenment.’ pg.29
  • How Chip defines fitness. pg.30

Dan John:- A Systems Approach To Coaching & Training

In this disc, Dan clears up many of the myths and misunderstandings about training, and presents his clear, logical principles for training. When you finish this lecture, you’ll be far better equipped to write training programs that get results.

Here’s what Dan covered (including transcript page references)—

  • The best example of a good system. pg.1
  • Dan John’s three basic rules about systems—use this to judge your training and coaching programs. pg.2-3
  • How American football has changed over the years. pg.3
  • Why diets like Paleo are so popular. pg.3
  • Dan’s coaching principles for track and field athletes. pg.4
  • The two basic kettlebell movements Dan teaches first. pg.4
  • The one word missing from the fitness field today. pg.4
  • The simple idea that Ralph Maughan and L. Jay Sylvester thought of to make the discus go farther that ended up changing the world of discus. pg.5
  • The five truths that apply to any training system. pg.6-9
  • The one piece of advice Dick Notmeyer gave to Dan that helped him go from 162 pounds to 202 pounds in four months. pg.7
  • The problem with four- and six-week training programs. pg.8
  • The difference between a training program and a training system. pg.8-9
  • A method Dan likes to use to train some of his athletes to ensure that they’re ready for competition day—and which sports SHOULDN’T be trained using this method. pg.10
  • One thing athletes need to learn to control if they want to succeed in competition, and how strength coaches can teach this in weight room. pg.11
  • The exact language Dan John uses with his athletes in training to make sure they’re peaking on game day. pg.12
  • Dan John’s five principles of strength coaching. pg.13
  • How World War II helped weight training reach the mainstream. pg.14
  • A little known fact about Vladimir Janda, the person who came up with the idea of tonic and phasic muscles. pg.15
  • The muscles that shrink as you get older—most people mistakenly target these muscles in their training, making themselves look older more quickly. pg.15
  • Which muscles to train if you want to fight the aging process. pg.15
  • The five fundamental human movements that should be a part of all training programs. pg.16
  • The medical intervention that helped Dan lose four inches off his waistline in 2 weeks. pg.17
  • The two movements missing from most people’s training programs—they make the most difference when added. pg.18
  • Strength standards for high school boys and girls who want to play varsity. pg.19
  • How much a woman should be able to deadlift, regardless of shape, size or height. pg.19
  • Dan John’s Turkish getup standard—no kettlebells needed. pg.19
  • The two easiest things to improve in an athlete. pg.20
  • How to cheat on the sit and reach test and go farther. pg.20
  • The only two kinds of workouts in the world, and which you should pick, when. pg.21
  • The warrior versus the kingly approach to dieting: which to use with your workouts depending on your goals, such as preparing for a sports competition, or getting in shape for a reunion. pg.22
  • How Dan helped his bodybuilder friends train in preparation for a contest. pg.23
  • Dan John’s ‘easy’ method of getting stronger. pg.25-26
  • Dan John’s cradle-to-the-grave approach to strength training, conditioning and coaching. pg.27-28
  • The difference between training elite athletes and other types of clients. pg.28-30
  • The relationship between goals and assessments. pg.31
  • The problem with the fitness industry, according to Dan John. pg.32
  • The difference between managing compromises and managing options: which you need to pick, and why. pg.32-33
  • How to make decisions less overwhelming. pg.33
  • A simple tool Dan insists on using with fat-loss clients. pg.34
  • What your clients do NOT want you do to. pg.34-35
  • What clients want that’s often missing from most fitness programs and gyms. pg.35
  • What ‘fitness’ actually is, and how to be truly fit. pg.35
  • The only piece of financial advice you’ll ever hear from Dan John. pg.36-37
  • The important thing you’ll forget if you start believing your own hype. pg.37
  • What you need to do whenever a client refers someone to you—this can really change your career. pg.37
  • The only thing Dan asks for in return when coaching track-and-field athletes for free. pg.37

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If you’re ready to rethink the way you design your programs, the way you train, and the way you think about training, let Dan John show you his five principles of training, and let Chip show you how to set deeper goals through their presentations, A Systems Approach To Coaching & Training and How To Create A Holistic Athlete.


In addition to the high-quality, edited video recording of the presentation, you’ll get—

Dan John: A Systems Approach to Coaching and Training

  • Full Audio Recordings of the presentation in MP3 format
  • Full Transcripts of the presentation in PDF format
  • The Presentation Slides in PDF format
  • Clickable Link Listing—a 2-page PDF of extra resources

Chip Conrad: How To Create a Holistic Athlete

  • Full Audio Recordings of the presentation in MP3 format
  • Full Transcripts of the presentation in PDF format
  • The Presentation Slides in PDF format
  • Clickable Link Listing—a 1-page PDF of extra resources


  • Standards, Sample Warmups & Complexes—a 12-page PDF
  • Dan John: Intervention Excerpt & Audiobook, Chapter 21—Chapter 21 of the Intervention book and audiobook, read by Dan John, a 9-minute MP3 audio recording accompanied by a 7-page PDF
  • Dan John: The Ten Commandments of Lifting—a 1-page PDF
  • Chip Conrad: Excerpt from Lift with Your Head, Routine vs Ritual—a 5-page PDF
  • Chip Conrad: Sweet Chant of Frantic Power—a 46-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 13-page PDF transcript. Normally $5.95
  • Dan John: Elimination in Life: A Look at Fasting, Dining and Training—a 40-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 10-page PDF transcript. Normally $4.95
  • Dan John: The Second Millennium, Goal Setting—a 25-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 6-page PDF transcript. Normally $3.95
  • Gray Cook: Schooling vs Education—an 18-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 4-page PDF transcript

PLUS more bonuses only when you buy from On Target Publications!

  • Exclusive video clip from Dan John’s Carried Away DVD (8 minutes 41 sec)
  • Dan John: The Quadrants of Diet and Exercise—a 22-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 5-page PDF transcript
  • Dan John: A Concept Approach to the Fundamental Human Movements—a 37-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 7-page PDF transcript, and a copy of the presentation slides

Who Benefits?

Trainers and coaches who want to learn more about Dan and Chip’s workout programming

1 review for Dan John, Chip Conrad A Systems Approach

  1. KC

    “Underpants Gnomes.” That is basically how most training programs are designed.
    This DVD, Chip and Dan share insights with how they approach and think about fitness, training, and coaching. I would equate it to being more”theory” and “how to practice” rather than just practicing another technique.

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