Immaculate Dissection Functional Anatomy

In this 88-minute video, educators Kathy Dooley and Anna Folckomer bring anatomy to life through Danny Quirk’s unique body painting.

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Product Description

Kathy Dooley, Anna Folckomer & Danny Quirk
Immaculate Dissection: Functional Anatomy Featuring Body Painting

In this 88-minute video, educators Kathy Dooley and Anna Folckomer bring anatomy to life through Danny Quirk’s unique body painting.

The goal of the Immaculate Dissection team is to help people visualize muscles by showing them how to feel muscles at work in their own bodies. In this lecture video, they demonstrate using Danny’s painted musculature on Jake Altman’s body.

Then they show how muscles lengthen and then shorten as they move him through various positions.

Finally, they talk the audience through the movements so they can feel the described motion for themselves—and this is where you can follow along at home. Gaining a deeper understanding of anatomy is easier when you can see and feel it, and Kathy, Anna and Danny are here to help you see and feel for yourself.

“Don’t let anatomy scare you. Most people just freak out, and then abandoned it, feeling they’re not smart enough; they’re not good enough; this is too dense…all the reasons why people give up on things. You are not any of those things. If I can learn anatomy, you can.”
~ Dr. Kathy Dooley

Kathy Dooley of Immaculate Dissection discusses EAO

In this functional anatomy lecture, you’ll learn about—

  • Internal abdominal oblique
  • External abdominal oblique
  • Serratus anterior
  • Iliacus
  • Hip compression in the lunge pattern

Kathy Dooley, Immaculate Dissection

Anatomy instructors Kathy Dooley and Anna Folckomer, using with team member Danny Quirk’s body painting of Jake Altman, show—

  • The connections between the discussed muscle groups and their surrounding areas
  • What happens during efficient breathing
  • What dysfunctional breathing might look like
  • Concentric and eccentric loads during breathing
  • Where to look first when a patient has hip pain
  • The first two steps in addressing a scapulothoracic problem
  • Immaculate Dissection pendulum rotation drills
  • Serratus anterior attachments and interdigitation, and its ability to rotate the scapulae in both upward and downward directions
  • What happens to the serratus anterior when the scapulae are protracted or retracted
  • A view of the serratus anterior when the scapula is winged
  • How the serratus anterior can be inhibited
  • In-depth discussion of the iliacus and psoas
  • And much more…

Anna Folckomer of Immaculate Dissection lectures on IAO

Immaculate Dissection's Anna Folckomer: Serratus

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Given in front of a small group of attendees, this video is 89 minutes of fast-paced anatomy lecturing with occasional attendee participation in order to feel the muscle action for themselves.

The Presentation

After a few minutes of Immaculate Dissection team member introduction, Kathy and Anna delve deeper into—

  • Getting a visual of insertions, origins, attachments and blood supply of the discussed muscle groups
  • Intrinsic vs extrinsic core—what’s the difference and which muscles are involved in each
  • Breathing and muscle positions during the breath, and understanding the muscle positions during cuing
  • A discussion of ASIS, the pubic tubercle, the inguinal ligament and the round ligament
  • Sagittal, frontal and transverse planes and x, y and z axis motion for each of the discussed muscle groups
  • Sources of common pain problems in the hip
  • Finding the trochanter and lesser trochanter
  • A common hip problem found in adults who start walking too quickly in their early developmental stages
  • Hip compression and decompression—when is each good?
  • How to train hip compression and decompression
  • How to stretch the iliacus
  • Feeling the discussed muscles in motion

Hip compression in the lunge, with Kathy Dooley


The team of Immaculate Dissection, plus painted Jake Altman

About Your Presenters

This is the team of Immaculate Dissection. For more indepth information, you can learn more about their ongoing workshops via their site at or from their Facebook page.

Kathy Dooley

Lecturer Kathy Dooley is a chiropractic physician and anatomy instructor. Her clinical practice is at Catalyst S.P.O.R.T. in Manhattan; she teaches anatomy at two medical schools in NYC. She’s a lead instructor fo NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT)™ and often spends her weekends traveling to distant locations to lecture with Immaculate Dissection. You can keep up with her via her site at and can reach her for clinical appointments via Catalyst S.P.O.R.T.

Danny Quirk

Danny Quirk is a medical illustrator who works in traditional media for anatomy and clinical books, who in recent years has brought his skills to painting anatomy onto human bodies for his Immaculate Dissection teammates to use as lecture tools. He also drew the illustrations found in the Immaculate Dissection manuals, and has been featured in mainstream magazines and video media. The best place to see more of Danny’s work or send him a message is through his professional Facebook page, Danny Quirk Artwork.

Anna Folckomer

Clinician Anna Folckomer was a classically training modern dancer, who after suffering injuries that halted her dancing career, is now a full-time acupuncturist and herbalist practicing in Manhattan. As part of the team of Immaculate Dissection, she regularly travels to lecture on anatomy and corrective exercise.  You can reach Anna via her site,

“I didn’t expect to get so much from the correctives part of the course—as well as learning things I can do personally, I loved the integration of anatomical reasoning into the exercises. “Jenny Richardson

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Who Benefits?

Anyone interested in an introduction to functional anatomy


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