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Brother Iron, Sister Steel is a private journey into bodybuilding as only Dave Draper can tell it. Training techniques, exercise descriptions and nutritional strategies form the book’s foundation, but what glues this book together are his personal experiences and insights, humor and candidness, all of which speak to the heart and soul.


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A Bodybuilder’s Bodybuilding Book
by Dave Draper

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Brother Iron, Sister Steel is a bodybuilding history which describes a private journey into bodybuilding as only Dave Draper can tell it. Training techniques, exercise descriptions and nutritional strategies form the book’s foundation, but what glues this book together are his personal experiences and insights, humor and candidness, all of which speak to the heart and soul. The delight in the iron work, the play of the steel and the redefined motivation will have you striving forward to reach your fitness and training goals.

Further your iron journey — or take your first steps — as you find yourself caught up in the style and rhythm that are Dave’s alone. You’ll see the lessons of Brother Iron, Sister Steel hit home as your training enthusiasm abounds. In your next match with the weights you’ll see the work of your muscles with new clarity under the guidance of his insight bodybuilding workout program.

  • Honored as the Best Bodybuilding Book by Muscle and Fitness  (February 2006 issue)
  • Dr. Ken Leistner writes, “This book is an inspiration… one of the best iron sport related books I have ever read.”
  • You’ll get hooked on Brother Iron, Sister Steel. In every word, Draper leaves the mark of his genius.” ~Julian Schmidt, Flex Magazine
  • Solidly affirming… Entertaining, even philosophical. …Fun, informative, and (I have to say it) brawny…” ~Fearless Reviews
  • Simply the best book on training. Bar none. I’ll never need another bodybuilding book again.” ~Douglas Malcolm, Bookideas.com
  • Tai Moses, Metro Magazine, says, “Powerfully good writer… part exercise strategy, part memoir, part motivational training guide… Manages to be highly entertaining on all counts.”

About this book, Dave comments:
The 15 years behind the counter and on the floor of my gym in California have signaled to me that everyone must exercise and eat right if he or she hopes to live a sound and fulfilling life. Too few do and far too many lives are in a shambles because of it. As conscientious gym owner, I am in a prime position to help the ailing, negligent and uneducated masses. And, certainly others and I do.

Brother Iron, Sister Steel was written to engage that edge of the population who dare to walk in the gym only to walk out because purpose and desire were missed. It was written as well for the tentative trainee who wanders the floor with desire, yet remain is without a clue. The intermediates who love the pump and burn and want to dig in deeper will, undoubtedly, identify with the facts, tales, fascinations and frustrations of muscle building as visited by an old time… still and always one of the boys. The young and the hardcore… about them I cannot be sure, only that in the years to come, should they endure, they will appreciate the content and philosophy and, perhaps, wish they had referenced it sooner.

Are you confused and have a question about your training? If there is an answer, chances are the answer is here. Be strong. ~ Dave Draper 


Chapter List


Brother Iron, Sister Steel is a saga about you and me, lifting weights and building muscle.
The plot is as simple as ABC and 1-2-3, although I never found anything particularly
simple about the alphabet or mathematics. To contribute to the book’s simplicity I offer
in less than a hundred words an outline of the subject matter contained and its sequence.
It goes like this—

1 The Soap Opera 7
2 Keys and Guideposts 19
3 Train with Style 28
4 Mighty Warriors 38
5 Push that Iron 44
6 Lift that Steel 49
7 Exercise X-rays 89
8 Nutrition Rules 106
9 Overcoming 117
10 Memories are the Stuff 137
11 Rare and Old Magazine Covers 163
12 Stoking the Training Fire 191


From the Gripper to the Dungeon

MGM Town

Sequins & Pearls: Bill Pearl


Who Benefits?

Anyone interested in the history of bodybuilding, particularly in the 1960s, or who are getting older and need inspiration to train

6 reviews for Dave Draper Brother Iron, Sister Steel book

  1. Mark

    This was the first piece of work I read by Dave. You really can’t beat that old school flavor and the actual grittiness it took back in the ‘golden days”. A great read and an appreciative insight.

  2. Daniel Jones

    By far the most interesting and inspirational bodybuilding book that I have read. A must for anyone in the iron game.

  3. Richard Luna

    “Brother Iron, Sister Steel” by Dave Draper is a “must-read” for anyone interested or involved in weightlifting. It is rare to find a book that is engaging, educational, and entertaining at the same time. You gain insights into the mind and heart of a true lifelong athlete and champion. If you have even a slight interest in physical and mental self betterment you need to read this book.

  4. mike graham

    Another great combination of years of experience and extraordinary insight combined with his joyful appreciation of the fun of being strong and getting stronger makes Dave a wonderful guide for any and all in search of health and strength of body and soul.

  5. Frank

    Besides being a bodybuilding legend, Mr Draper has the uncanny style of writing that makes you feel as though he’s sitting next to you, telling a story. This motivational book isn’t the kind you read and throw to the side, this is a book you’ll want to keep close by or in your gym bag to go back to when needing a push, some knowledge or just to get back in the swing of things. A must-have for the serious bodybuilder to the “I’m on the couch thinking about working out” guy or gal. Highly recommend!

  6. Jim Fronck

    A timeless book that allows the reader to not only learn lifting techniques, but it also takes you inside the world of bodybuilding with a perspective only Dave Draper can provide. Highly recommend!

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