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Dan John has been competing and lecturing about the art and science of strength coaching for 30 years and considers Now What? to be his best work. This book is the companion to his Now What? video, and the related books Intervention and Can You Go.

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Product Description

Dan John Now What?

The Ongoing Pursuit of Improved Performance


In Intervention, Dan described how he evaluates adults and suggests course corrections to improve the basics.

He followed that with Can You Go?, where he addressed assessments trainers and coaches might use with their clients and athletes.

Now, in Now What? Dan loops back around to tell us what to do next. You’ve brought your clients up to the minimum standards. You’ve done your assessments.

Now what?

That’s the question Dan answers in the third installment of this series.

Dan John’s Now What? will help you determine the next steps in moving toward the goals of your clients and athletes.

“In Now What? Dan presents basic tools and training principles from his experiences as an athlete and coach, and applies them with experienced hands and through empathetic eyes toward the personal growth of his readers. It’s a reasonable approach to help us all reach our goals, bringing greater satisfaction while working through the process.” ~ Chip Morton, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Cincinnati Bengals

Audio book sample, narrated by Dan John, with Chip Morton

Now What?

From Dan’s Introduction to Now What?, consider this:

The lessons learned about the road to success from elite athletes and performers can make everyone’s life better. From de-cluttering the inbox or letter pile with a shark habit, to applying pirate maps to ongoing health and fitness, most people can free up some mental space to focus on moving ahead with all of life’s goals and dreams.

Elite performers focus on the fundamentals and basics more thoroughly than the hobbyist. Elite performers keep their heads clear, carving out the clutter of life—both the important and the unimportant—with a scalpel. When needed, the elite focus on two- to twelve-week programs to shore up a weakness or some other issue. Elite performance is principle based.

Most of us can learn from this “carving of the clutter.” At times, we can follow a program, but most of the time, we can adopt a simple list of pirate maps for our fitness, health and longevity needs and goals.

The stumbling block of Now what? soon takes on a new meaning. After emptying the inbox and finishing the laundry, we can ask Now what? as the start of a new adventure, a new challenge.

In this book, I outline a simple quadrant showing how I teach elite performers the tools to deal with life, living and high-end achievement. And if you don’t think you’re an elite performer, I would like you to reconsider this.

What’s Covered in Now What?

  • What elite performers focus on and how that’s useful for everyone
  • Dan’s “Contrarian Approach” and why he likes it
  • Knowing what to measure
  • The problem with conventional training wisdom
  • Trusting the obvious
  • How to train and coach intelligently
  • Dan’s four mental sets
  • How to use shark habits and pirate maps
  • The difference between shark habits and pirate maps
  • How to consider peaking, planning and programming
  • The Now What? Quadrants Grid
  • How to change behaviors
  • Eliminating clutter in behaviors
  • Saving mental overload
  • How shark habits affect longevity
  • How pirate maps work for ongoing changes
  • Dan’s favorite training checklists
  • What assessments does Dan use?
  • How to get compliance from your athletes
  • How Dan feels about programs, training plans and peaking
  • Dan’s “Twos Ladder”
  • When to use periodization…and when not to
  • How principles work in training athletes
  • Dan’s standards and gaps concept
  • Strategic shortcuts
  • Assessing performance and principles—the principle matrix
  • Assessing training gaps
  • Building the training foundation
  • The Five Whys practice, how to do it and why it works
  • The APE secrets—Accept, Practice, Experience
  • The possible training outcomes, and the ideal model of performance
  • How to put the performance model into practice
  • Considering appropriate practice in strength & conditioning
  • How the strength coach supports performance
  • A new take on the “Prisoner’s Dilemma”
  • How physical tension affects performance
  • Mastering and coaching appropriate tension levels
  • Teaching relaxation to your athletes
  • Understanding arousal levels in sports
  • The master skill of appropriate heart rate
  • Coaching elite athletes
  • Learning to be an elite coach
  • Shark habits and a pirate map for elite coaching
  • Training the aging athlete
  • Training well while aging
  • A selection of standards
  • Overcoming odds and failure
  • Dan’s personal assessment assignment
  • Horizontal and vertical community, the difference and how to use them both

To learn all this and more, order your copy of Now What? today.

Chapter List


Foreword xi
Introduction 1
Chapter 1: Don’t Fear the Obvious 5
Chapter 2: Shark Habits 23
Chapter 3: Shark Habits and Pirate Maps 37
Chapter 4: Plans, Programs and Peaking 53
Chapter 5: Assessing Principles by Assessing Performance 73
Chapter 6: Standards and Gaps 85
Chapter 7: ape: Accept, Practice, Experience 105
Chapter 8: Tension, Arousal and Relaxation 135
Chapter 9: Training Elite Athletes 157
Chapter 10: The Secrets to Training 173
Chapter 11: Standards…or How Will I Know When I Get There? 191
Chapter 12: A Quick Summary of Now What? 219
Appendix 1: Shark Habits and a Pirate Map for Time Management 225
Appendix 2: The Horizontal or Intentional Community 229
Appendix 3: Goal Setting 235
Appendix 4: Fundamental Human Movements 251
Appendix 5: Armor Building 269
Appendix 6: Anaconda Strength 279
Appendix 7: The Litvinov Workout 285
Appendix 8: Even Easier Strength 293
Index 309



Chapter One: Don’t Fear the Obvious

Who Benefits?

Anyone who enjoys reading about training, programming ideas, particularly training athletes


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