Josh Hillis and Dan John Fat Loss Happens on Monday

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Fat loss expert Josh Hillis teams up with strength coach Dan John to provide a clear, simple and realistic approach to fat loss. Start turning around your eating habits for good using Josh’s unique habit strategies, and then turbocharge your fat loss with the special fat loss exercise programs in the book.

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Product Description

Josh Hillis Fat Loss Habits, with Dan John
Habit-Based Diet and Workout Hacks

Josh Hillis & Dan John
Foreword by Valerie Waters

The Truth about Most Fat Loss Workouts and Diets

The way you’ve been doing your fat-loss workouts and diet has been making it harder and more complicated to lose weight.

You see, virtually everything you see and hear – in the media, in the fitness industry – is setting you up to have a harder time losing fat.

The problem with these kinds of hard diets and hard workouts is that most of them just aren’t very effective at helping you lose fat in the long term.

But there is another way.

An easier way. A more sustainable way. A more effective way.

That’s exactly what Dan John and Josh Hillis fat loss habits will give you in Fat Loss Happens on Monday.

What People Are Saying

“Josh and I met in person for the first time at a gathering of fitness professionals in Florida. That night at dinner was like we had known each other forever—Josh just plopped down and we started talking. His enthusiasm and passion for fitness was so clear and we connected immediately.

“Josh really gets that everyone has the same struggles, because food and diet and exercise and bodies and self esteem— it’s all messy stuff. And that’s where he and I really connect, that we want to help people. We want to give people freedom from some of these struggles.

“It’s the clarity of Josh’s writing and Josh’s deep desire to help people that made me want to be involved in this project.

“How much he cares comes through in all of his writing.

“Josh is awesome, and I love the way he writes. The reason his ideas make a difference for people is because his plan is clear, and it’s not fancy wizardry. Josh meets people where they are, and leads them by the hand—“Let’s put one foot in front of the other and walk forward, and it’s okay to freak out, and we’re going to keep going.”

“Fat Loss Happens on Monday is a book that’s going to lovingly hold your feet to the fire. You’re asking for results, and you’re going to get a realistic and manageable plan, wrapped up in eleven food habits to help you toward your goal. You’ll also get great workouts..

“The path is very clear. And it lets you know you can do it, and here’s how. It’s caring and it’s hopeful. I really believe if you follow the Fat Loss Happens on Monday program and implement the habits, you’ll get results and you can be your own superstar.”

Valerie Waters
Celebrity trainer to Hollywood A-listers
Clients include Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel, Cindy Crawford, Reese Witherspoon, and many more

The Fat Loss Roadmap

With decades of experience of coaching fat loss workouts, they’ll give you a clear, simple and doable roadmap to strip away the fat – and more importantly, keep it off.

  • The eleven habits of people who successfully get, and stay lean
  • 6 unique habit strategies to suit your different needs at different times, and stop you from stalling.
  • Advanced carb cycling strategies to help you break through fat loss plateaus
  • 18-week Pull Your Weight program designed to help you lose fat with workouts that challenge, but don’t overtax your body
  • Two 8-week Bring It! programs for when you have a wedding, anniversary, reunion, photoshoot, or other important event coming up and need to lose fat, fast.
  • 60 lower body, upper body, and total body exercises fully illustrated and explained.

What’s Inside Fat Loss Happens On Monday

Fat Loss Essentials

Even in a world filled with a million and one diets, and “workouts” promising to help you lose fat – it’s hard to find the simple facts of what it really takes to lose fat and get the body you want.

Josh and Dan dispel all the myths, and show you the basic principles and essentials of effective, and sustainable fat loss.

Staying On Track

Half of the fat loss battle is sticking with your plan. Having had decades of experience training themselves and hundreds of other people, Josh and Dan know the strategies, and techniques you need to keep stripping away the fat no matter what happens in life.

Your Fat Loss Training & Workout Guide

You can harm or even reverse your fat loss progress if you don’t know how to train for fat loss properly. That’s why Josh and Dan have put together a unique 18-week Pull Your Weight fat loss training program. Use it together with the nutrition system that Josh and Dan teach you, and you’re guaranteed to lose fat, fast.

Rapid Fat Loss Strategies

Josh & Dan’s 18-week Pull Your Weight program is designed to help you lose fat with workouts that challenge, but don’t over tax your body.

However, they both realise that there are times which require a more aggressive approach. You may have a wedding, anniversary, reunion, photoshoot, or other important event coming up where you need to ditch the fat quickly.

If that’s you, Josh and Dan have you covered.

  • What Josh will do with a client who has a really important goal coming up – like high school reunion, or wedding – but hasn’t lost weight for two weeks. pg.28
  • Possibly, the most effective short-term fat loss workout method (Used in the Bring It! program and perfect for those who need to lose fat, fast – for weddings, vacations, reunions, and other important events). The answer on pg.201, and the workouts on pg.206-217
  • A second 8-week Bring It! program you can use back-to-back with the first, or at a different time at the year. pg.219-232

Advanced Fat Loss Strategies

Once you start stripping away fat, and dialing in great habits, Josh will show you some more advanced tricks and strategies to get to that next level of lean.

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Chapter List

Foreword . . . . . . . Ix
Introduction . . . . Xiii
Chapter 1: Fat Loss Is Easier and Simpler Than You’ve Been Told  . 1
Chapter 2: Park-Bench Workouts  3
Chapter 3: Epistemology: To The Evidence, No Matter Where It Leads  . . . . 7
Chapter 4: The Hard Talk . . . . . . 17
Chapter 5: Reasonableness . . . . 21
Chapter 6: The Day I Became The Best Fat-Loss Trainer in The World  . . . . . . 25
Chapter 7: The Eleven Habits . . . 31
Chapter 8: Making It Work . . . . . 51
Chapter 9: Advanced Food Programs . . .71
Chapter 10: How To Gauge Progress.. . . 77
Chapter 11: Setting The Mind to The Goal…87
Chapter 12: A Simple Way to Look At The Problems with The Fitness Industry . . . 93
Chapter 13: One Change Review  . 99
Chapter 14: Seasons of Training. . . . . 103
Chapter 15: The Eight Movements.. . . . 105
Chapter 16: Get Off My Back  . . . . 109
Chapter 17: You Gotta Get Real  . 111
Chapter 18: The Basic Basics  . . 113
Chapter 19: How to Make A Fat-Loss Program That Works Long Term  . . . . . . . . 115
Chapter 20: How The Movement Progressions Work. . . . 121
Chapter 21: Metabolic Phase Workouts131
Chapter 22: Endurance Phase Workouts . . 139
Chapter 23: Strength Phase Workouts.149
Chapter 24: The Metabolic/Endurance/Strength Phase . . 157
Chapter 25: Answering The Nagging Questions . . . . . . . 185
Chapter 26: The Bring It! Program.. . . 201
Chapter 27: Bring It! Remix  . . . 219
Chapter 28: The Exercise Instructions.235
Chapter 29: Shopping Plan  . . . 311
Chapter 30: The Only Game Worth Playing. . 315
Index. . . . . . . . 316


Josh Hillis: The Hard Talk

Josh Hillis: How Food Really Works in Fat Loss

Fat Loss Happens on Monday Index Pages

Who Benefits?

Trainers, coaches and anyone interested in habit-based fat loss

13 reviews for Josh Hillis and Dan John Fat Loss Happens on Monday

  1. Sumi

    I’m a big fan of tracking/food journaling; not just for short-term fat loss but for permanent weight maintenance. But many people rebel against change, as changing habit is HARD work. The authors set readers up with all the ground rules to succeed in the long-run.

    Some of my favorite quotes from the book:

    On being objective about your journal/progress/slip ups:

    “If you’re judging your food journal, you need to grow up. Beating yourself up is the opposite of taking responsibility. Taking responsibility with food is looking without emotion at actions that work or don’t work for your goals.”

    For those who rebel (intentionally or not) against food rules, practicing discipline/restraint/self-control:

    “We all have our own rules— I don’t tell a lie; I don’t steal. This is how society operates— rules make everything work. It’s not bad to have those rules. We don’t think, “Oh my God, I hate that we have to stop at stop signs. I just want to roll through the stop signs.”

    For those who think complicated is better with respect to food journaling; that you need fancy tools, expensive shakes and supplements, etc:

    “Yes, it’s hard to hear that the basics are the key because we all love the new and groovy and exciting and secret, but success is rarely found in the exotic.

    Basic and boring wins”

    Remember: Monday’s just around the corner. “Some of the best successes of my life are when I trust someone else to plan things for me and I just dive in.”

  2. Eilish

    This book is pure gold. It offers real and effective fat loss techniques that can be implemented with respect, intelligence and kindness, upending conventions in the fitness industry. Written by two legends. I ordered 20 copies and had them shipped halfway across the world.

  3. Rob Santarossa

    I’ve read this book twice and I keep finding more great nuggets. It’s a very easy read with a conversational style. I really like the fact that he doesn’t just say “here’s the one way”. Josh gives you options and choices depending on where you are in your fitness journey. Not everyone is ready to do a nutrition overhaul. He shows you several different ways to step into it slowly. But I have to say my favourite piece is how he frames food prep – so that you actually do it! Thanks Josh and Dan

  4. Dillon

    This book is fantastic. The other reviews have covered the fact that it’s full of useful information, and that the entire habit-based paradigm and structure is a powerful model without being overwhelming to implement.

    That said, what sticks out for me, and what raises this book above others in the field, is the potent mix of wisdom and kindness that the authors thread through the material. The wisdom is without preachiness, and the kindness is without condescension. That is a rare combination.

  5. Walter Dorey

    THIS is the book I refer people to time after time. It contains actionable steps. It just flat out works if people apply it and it gives the formula for fat loss. Formulas are great because all you have to do is plug in the numbers and boom, you get the answer. Plug in the steps outlined in this book and watch your habits change. Once the habits change the results happen automatically, just like a mathematical formula.

    I have often told people similar things as outlined in the book, however, Josh Hillis and Dan John bring it all together and then some. I loaned it to my wife’s Physical Therapist and haven’t gotten it back yet as she said she loves the book too, lol. Stop buying all the hocus-pocus books on diets and get this book instead. You won’t regret it!

  6. Rod

    Brilliant book. Its about the habits and behaviors behind how to change your body composition, rather than just another “fad” diet. A very, very different approach to other diet books on the market. This is a must read for coaches, trainers and therapists who want to help clients make effective, lasting changes.

  7. Bob Boston

    This is the book that introduced me to both Josh and Dan. Bar none, the best book on fat loss and exercise spelled out in detail. The real meat and potatoes of this book, though, is really found in the sub-title, “Habit-based diet and workout hacks!” Loved it! Find myself implementing key principles not only for me, but also my clients. Thank you guys for providing a missing piece in my puzzle.

  8. Dan Fosselman, DO

    This book is written in a similar format of Simple Strength. The chapters flip between Dan John and Josh Hillis. Not only does this book cover easy to implement nutritional tips, it also contains multiple laid out training programs. From beginner to advanced there are nuggets for everyone to pick out. The practical and reasonable advice is what sets this book apart from others on the topic of fat loss.

  9. RW Wrinkle

    Great common sense ideas. Make one of your workouts you schedule time to make food for the week. This book helped me get organized and gave insight into the reality of weight control.

  10. Karen Jones

    I found this book to be really helpful when I first started researching fat loss. Now, some 120 pounds lighter (plus lots more muscle), I still go back to it from time to time to refresh myself and make sure I am staying on track, and progress/regress exercises as needed. I did a lot of research over the course of a couple of years and did not find anything else that was as useful and practical.

  11. Oscar

    As a personal trainer, I read this book and immediately implemented the concepts to help clients achieve results. A must have not just for the trainer, but for anyone looking to lose fat and get strong with easy habits and excellent training programs.

  12. Rachel

    I bought the audio version so I could take Dan and Josh’ wisdom with me in the car (and they read their own chapters themselves). What they say seems childishly simple but when I followed it, it worked without pain, injury or having to put the rest of my life on hold. I hate being told what to eat or given recipes. This book does neither but will fix your eating in a much more reasonable and sustainable way.

  13. Jayne

    Really good book. The authors combine well to give lots of information & ideas for training & nutrition. Glad I bought it. (-:

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