Michael Boyle Designing Strength Training Programs and Facilities, 2nd Edition

In Designing Strength Training Programs and Facilities, strength and conditioning coach Mike Boyle outlines his choices for training facility layout, equipment, strength training programs and conditioning.

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Product Description

by Mike Boyle

“Mike Boyle is the coach coaches need. This book is the sum of decades of his experience and insight.
~ Dan John, author of 40 Years with a Whistle

Designing Strength Training Programs and Facilities is a “how to” book. It moves from the task of equipping a weightroom, through a discussion of programming concepts, and eventually to actual workouts with detailed explanations.

“This book is a serious strength training manual for coaches who want to get the most out of their athletes. My first book, Functional Training for Sports, was a more mainstream piece intended for athletes, coaches and trainers. While Functional Training for Sports was a success, I also wanted to write a book for serious strength and conditioning professionals I consider to be my peers.”
—Michael Boyle

The concepts are meant to be both simple and also utilitarian:

  • What equipment do I need?
  • How many plates do I need?
  • How much space do I need?
  • How many sets and reps should I have my athletes do?
  • What exercises work best?

This book is ideal for the high school or small college coach who has to deal with the realities of time, space and money. While reading it, the author asks you to put aside preconceived notions about the process of strength and conditioning. Instead, he wants you to practice the art of common sense. Mike reminds you to stick with what works—scrutinize your programs and seek techniques from those who consistently produce results in difficult situations such as your own.

Michael Boyle has a talent for making complex topics simple. In Designing Strength Training Programs and Facilities, he simplifies the job of a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer or facility owner. From equipment selection through program design, he breaks down complex topics in simple, easy to understand and implement pieces. Boyle’s first book Functional Training for Sports has been called, “The best book written on the topic,” and Designing Strength Training Programs and Facilities takes the concepts a step further.

“Imagine getting the wisdom of 40 years in the strength and conditioning and gym field from someone who has been there, done that, and is still doing it. All that wisdom is distilled into THIS book with practical lessons and strategies to make the reader a better coach or gym owner, and help you build a successful career. Here Mike shares what’s important, what works—and doesn’t just fill the pages to add ‘more stuff.’ This is instantly a must-read for every coach who enters this field; it will save you a lot of frustrations and mistakes. I highly recommend it to every coach who’s committed to creating a long and successful career in this industry.”
—Luka Hocevar

Topics Covered in Designing Strength Training Programs and Facilities

Foreword, Dan John

Chapter 1
Designing and Equipping Your Facility

Chapter 2
Building a Strong Program Foundation

Chapter 3
Designing the Perfect Program

Chapter 4
Core Training, Mobility, Activation and Warm-ups

Chapter 5
Explosive Training

Chapter 6
Strength Training

Chapter 7
Lower-Body Training

Chapter 8
Upper-Body Pulling and Pressing

Chapter 9
Choosing a System of Training

Chapter 10
Creating Efficient and Effective Workouts

Chapter 11
Speed Development

Chapter 12

Chapter 13
Computerizing Your Program

Chapter 14
Designing Programs for Teams or Groups

Chapter 15
Parting Words: The Mirror and The Window

Recommended Reading

“When thinking of a strength program, try to remember strength training is a simple game of stimulus and response.
~ Mike Boyle

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“One of the most valuable books I have ever read. Designing Strength Training Programs and Facilities 2nd Edition is fantastic. THANK YOU Coach Boyle.
—Chris Shah

Michael Boyle

Mike Boyle has over 40 years of experience in the field of elite athlete preparation with both male and female athletes from every professional league. Boyle is a featured speaker at conferences across the country in the area of strength and conditioning, athlete rehabilitation and personal training. In addition to his books, he’s produced numerous digital products available through Perform Better at performbetter.com, through Inspire360 and through Athletes Acceleration.

“I’m only on the first chapter and I’ve already got 10 highlights, half of which are just good life advice. 
—Brandon Smith






Chapter List

Acknowledgments 9
Foreword, Dan John 11
Preface 13
Introduction 15
Chapter 1—Designing and Equipping Your Facility 21
Chapter 2—Building a Strong Program Foundation 29
Chapter 3—Designing the Perfect Program 33
Chapter 4—Core Training, Mobility, Activation and Warm-ups 43
Chapter 5—Explosive Training 59
Chapter 6—Strength Training 69
Chapter 7—Lower-Body Training 73
Chapter 8—Upper-Body Pulling and Pressing 105
Chapter 9—Choosing a System of Training 113
Chapter 10—Creating Efficient and Effective Workouts 123
Chapter 11—Speed Development 133
Chapter 12—Conditioning 149
Chapter 13—Computerizing Your Program 161
Chapter 14—Designing Programs for Teams or Groups 163
Chapter 15—Parting Words: The Mirror and The Window 173
Recommended Reading 175
References 177
Index 179
About the Author 187




Who Benefits?

Strength coaches, personal trainers and training facility owners


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