Mass Made Simple, Weight Gain Program by Dan John

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Packing on muscle doesn’t have to be complicated. In Mass Made Simple, Dan John outlines a simple, straightforward 6-week bulking plan. Each week’s workouts are laid out for you in detail so you can spend less time thinking and more time in the gym building muscle.

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Product Description

Weight Gain Program – Mass Made Simple
by Dan John

Here’s Dan John’s bulking guidebook as a squat program for those who need to build strength and size. This is 119 pages of text, followed by a 6-week training log. The ebook includes a separate PDF of the training log section that you can print for your training log.

This is a tried and true Dan John mass program, in which Dan John describes exactly what needs to be done to add mass — what, when and why. Each week’s workout plan is laid out, and each day’s workout is preplanned, every rep scheduled, later to be documented in the fill-in-the-blanks log pages.

Mass Made Simple is a foolproof muscle building plan. The program design is brilliant. It features the safest, technically and loadwise, high rep squat progression I have ever seen. It makes a smart use of ladders and complexes. It delivers. Another two thumbs up for Dan John! ~Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Beyond Bodybuilding

Menu and supplement tweaks are adjusted weekly to match the needs of the week. This program calls for additional protein powder, creatine and fish oil, which you can order anywhere.

Once you read this short, clear manual, you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it. All that’s left is for you to faithfully fill in the blanks of the log sheets and watch the scale climb.

Here’s an example of one of the log pages:
mass building workout


Chapter List

Six Weeks to Bulk, 7
My “Overnight Success” in Mass Building, 40 Pounds in Four Months, 7
The Principles Behind Bulking, 10
Isn’t get bigger/more massive/bulkier bad for your health?, 14
Let’s Get Started: The Mental Side of Bulking, 17
Squats 101, 33
The Miraculous Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, 41
Principle-Based Bulking: The Six-Week Approach, 45
Weekly Tweaks, 51
Training 57
Training Day One, 68
Training Day Two, 70
Training Day Three, 72
Training Day Four, 74
Training Day Five, 76
Training Day Six, 79
Training Day Seven, 82
Training Day Eight, 85
Training Day Nine, 88
Training Day Ten, 91
Training Day Eleven, 94
Training Day Twelve, 97
Training Day Thirteen, 100
Training Day Fourteen, 103
Addendum on Complexes, 106
Questions About Bulking, 113
In Conclusion, 119
Six-Week Training Log 123


The Toolkit for Goal-Setting: The Key to ­Bulking

Who Benefits?

Trainers, coaches and anyone who wants to gain bulk using Dan’s 6-week program

3 reviews for Mass Made Simple, Weight Gain Program by Dan John

  1. Chris uk

    New to lifting. Older! Simpler!! Get this book. Simple. Follow the instructions. Get bigger. Simple. I wasn’t interested in size really more fighting off age and keeping health(ier). The increased size was a secondary benefit. I feel much stronger. My wife noticed the size difference with some interesting tertiary benefits.
    Years of experience are in this small book. Read it. Benefit. Grow. Simple

  2. Owen Brown

    Weight – 28 pound gain, from 159 to 187. For me a 2 stone gain is absolutely incredible, been skinny all my life, this program puts weight on skinny people, if it worked for me it will work for you. I’ve put some fat on, but a hell of a lot of the weight is muscle. I can no longer wear boxers that dont stretch, I’ve outgrown all my work trousers (thighs and bum far too tight, waist a little tighter, but not too bad). Arms a lot bigger, pecs, shoulders and especially traps all noticably bigger. The only part of my upper body that hasn’t got that much bigger are my lats, but my mid back (rhomboids, traps nd erecr spinals) look bigger and thicker. My whole torso just feels more solid now too, I feel that if I did the velocity diet for a month you’d actually see some abs, as opposed to looking like a malnurished refugee!

    Bench press – did a bench lifetime pb of 90kg last week, if I tested it today I’m positive I would get to 95. First workout I found 60×5 really challenging, last workout I did 5 triples on 80, if I tested it today I’m positive I would get at least 5 good reps in, so an increase of 20kg in 6 weeks.

    Complexes – loved doing these,I slightly regret not pushing the weight up a little, but on reflection the weight selection was propably spot on for my strength levels. Next time I do mms (and I definitely will) I’ll make sure I’m strong enough to handle bigger weights on these, they give you a ton of time under tension, great for mass building.

    Batwings – I’ll do these for the rest of my life. I’ve got a typical skinny guy kyphotic posture, I’m sure thst doing these is starting to make me look better.

    One arm presses: I used a 20kg kettlebell for every workout except one, where i used a 24kg. 20 was ideal for me, but the 24 now feels a lot easier. If I was going to do the rite of passage, I think I would fly through the ladders using the 24 right now.

    Bird dogs – not sure why I was doing then, but if Dan John and Stuart McGill says do them well I do them!

    Squats – felt like I made some amazing progress. Missed the last workout but I dont think I would have been able to do 50 reps bodyweight nonstop. Will make sure I do it next round. The body adapts quickly to high rep squats, both in size, strength and endurance, enjoyed doing them, but also absolutely dreaded doing them. Clothes just look better on me now, and I look like I’ve actually got a butt for a change.

    Recharge – didn’t train every recharge dy, but when I did I always felt better for it. Some light goblet s and swings probsbly ideal.

    Food – ate like a pig. gained lots of weight when eating pbj sandwiches, stopped gaining when when I didn’ – they work, just get en down. The key was buying really nice fresh bread every day – dont make lots in advance as the bread will go stale, and they wont be as easy to eat. Just go for it, if you like it, eat it. I ate TONS of fat, 9 sausages once in a morning break, you need fat to puton weight, just eat it. Tried to go easy on refined sugar, but didn’t worry too much about it.

    Tweaks – morning and bed protein I will do forever. I’ll probsbly think hsrder sbout pre and post workout nutrition in future, creatine I will probably quit – good gains but I think it makes me all puffy, I’ll chsnge one thing at a time in future, to see what effect things have.

    Tips – the workouts are hard but enjoyable. Train with a partner, if my buddy wasn’t there, I know I would have skipped one or two things some days, but with his beady eye counting reps and sets, there was no way!

    Conclusions – if you need to put weight on, you need to do Mass Made Simple.

  3. Matt

    Great program. Very challenging even for intermediate lifter. Informative from the programming down to the nutrition. Plus, as is the case with Dan, if you have a question you can email him and he returns a reply within 24 hours!

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