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Gray Cook: Movement Principles

Are there common truths and guiding principles driving physical development? Gray Cook revisits the ten principles he laid out in Movement and presents three new principles that concisely explain the basis for his philosophy of physical development and serve as the foundation of the screens and assessments developed by Functional Movement Systems. Gray discusses how these principles can guide your physical devel


Dan John: Getting Started in Fitness Writing

Every so often, someone will ask me about writing. Some think it’s a gift from the heavens. These people believe some of us are born writers like some of us are born to be seven feet tall. Height, eye color and the joy of baldness are genetic. I think writing, like most sports techniques, is a skill that takes hours, days and years to just get in the right direction (write direction?). For me, the process of writing is exactly like preparing for a


Evan Osar: Corrective Exercise Essentials [Video]

Corrective exercise can be a confusing and controversial topic. Some make corrective exercise the ‘be-all and end-all’ of their training programs, never incorporating the other elements that are needed to make progress. Others dismiss corrective exercise altogether, thinking it to be ineffective, useless and merely another gimmick that will quickly fade away in a few years. Like most things, however, the truth about corrective exercise lies somewhere in the middle.In the following video, Dr.…


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