Rod Harris

Rod Harris is a practicing Osteopath in the Southern Highlands of NSW in Australia. He has a broad range of experience treating everyone from professional athletes to the general population, adolescents to senior citizens. Additionally, Rod has been an active competitor in Mixed Martial Arts events as both an amateur and professional fighter and is currently an MMA coach. He has also taught advanced hand to hand & weapons combat tactics and techniques to police, prison tactical response groups, and security guards, as well as self-defense for all populations. It was his experience in traditional martial arts that had Rod look more closely at how fundamental human movement underpins elite athletic performance. Rod uses the SFMA & FMS in daily Osteopathic practice, personal training and group fitness settings. In addition, Rod also uses the FCS and YBT in MMA coaching. Rod also holds certifications as a personal trainer, sports coach, a kettlebell instructor and nutrition coach.