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Josh Hillis returns with this new book as his answer to the failing diet profession—he’ll give you tools that will actually work.

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Product Description

Lean and Strong
Eating Skills, Psychology, and Workouts

Josh Hillis
Foreword by Molly Galbraith

How to Get Lean. How to Get Strong.

The biggest problem in the fitness industry is that it keeps creating products and programs for trainers and athletes, and then marketing those programs to regular folks.

Look, the super optimized macro program a fitness model uses to drop to superhuman bodyfat percentages, or that a pro athlete uses to compete at the highest level has NOTHING to do with the problem most folks have with snacking in the afternoon when they’re stressed out. They’re entirely unrelated. They need completely different tool sets.

And there really aren’t any effective programs or tools for the person who’s stress snacking, or doesn’t know why she’s hungry all the time. The other 90% of us are a completely under-served market.

The goal with this book is to bring advanced tools to solve the problems most people really have, all the different ways people feel they aren’t in the driver’s seat with their eating.

And that’s what it’s about: Eating skills put you in the driver’s seat with your eating choices.

The strength program works really well as a pair with it because it’s such a good metaphor for practicing eating skills. Eating skills have more to do with strength training or practicing an instrument than they do with dieting or rule following. And, of course, getting stronger can do really cool things for how we relate to our bodies.

This book is about expanding the reach of fitness pros. Instead of helping the fittest folks get a little fitter, it’s full of effective tools we can make available for a much broader pool of people.

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What People Are Saying

“Everything about this book makes so much sense. Just about every diet/nutrition book focuses too much on the what and not enough on the how. Josh is a master at making nutrition concepts not only easy to understand but also incredibly easy to implement. This book places a heavy emphasis on getting your mindset in the right place and understanding how to mentally tackle the nutrition and exercise journey that everyone wants to dominate. I wish I had this book at the start of my fitness journey—it would have saved me a lot of headaches!
~ Sohee Lee,
author of Eat. Lift. Thrive.

The Josh Hillis Roadmap


  • Know which skills you’re practicing each week, plan for obstacles, and track frequency
  • The context for your practice is this: excellence, self-compassion, goldilocksing, and flexibility


  • Results are the natural expression of taking actions in line with your personal values
  • The paradox is that you’ll get the best results when, instead of focusing on the results, you work on being the kind of person you want to be

In this book, you’ll get the tools to change your behaviors and do the things you need to do to get lean and strong in real life. You’re likely going to go deeper into what motivates you than you ever have before.

You’ll sort out where fitness fits inside of all of the commitments in your life. When practicing the skills and doing the workouts are an expression of your values, you won’t have to worry about “feeling motivated” anymore.

Being lean and strong will be part of who you are.

Josh is everything that’s good about the fitness field. He’s passionate; he’s compassionate; he cares about making a difference, and he knows what he’s talking about. All of that rings loud and clear in this book.
~ Molly Galbraith, Co-founder of Girls Gone Strong

What’s Inside Lean and Strong

Don’t Diet

Statistically, dieting is a strong predictor of weight gain. Dieting seems to predispose people to emotional eating, cravings, and binge eating. Dieting starts a cycle of restricting and overeating. While it looks like a diet works in the short term, the long-term trend is weight gain. We’ll call this “The Diet Cycle of Failure.”

Eating Skills

Instead of dieting, eating skills promote better body image, have a higher success rate with weight loss, and increase subjective wellbeing. They’re literally the inverse of rigid diet rules.

Workout Skills

Workouts are good for five main things, but they’re not great for weight loss. Scale weight is almost all about food skill practice. In this section, you’ll focus on getting strong in basic movement patterns, tailored toward your goals.


Here you’ll learn how to practice the skills so your practice will be successful each week. This includes if/then planning, flexibility, and decision making using your personal values, and will go into detail on what’s effective and what’s not effective.

Turning Points

This section will help you think about your skills practice in ways where you don’t sabotage your results. Once people understand the Ten Turning Points, nothing is ever the same; they reach new levels of food skills and strength practices. For lifetime results, these turning points are mandatory.

The Wise Five

The Wise Five is where you’ll discover a deeper understanding of the psychology of intrinsic motivation, including how research describes motivation. It covers what actually drives motivation, which is almost certainly the opposite of everything you’ve always heard. Then you’ll learn how to use that intrinsic motivation in your food skill practice.


Extensive appendices that include skill trackers, workouts for beginning, intermediate, and advanced trainees, warmups, and exercise descriptions, followed by 287 references and a lengthy index.

“Josh Hillis proves once again he is a leader in our industry with sane, sensible, and applicable behavior change guidance that works in the real world. His book provides simple, do-able steps that anyone can implement, from the high performing CEO to the busy single parent. This is what the health and fitness industry needs: less confusion, more clarity.
~ Jennifer Campbell, CEO and co-founder of Balance365

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Josh really gets that everyone has the same struggles, because food and diet and exercise and bodies and self-esteem— it’s all messy stuff. And that’s where he and I really connect, that we want to help people. We want to give people freedom from some of these struggles. Josh meets people where they are, and leads them by the hand—’Let’s put one foot in front of the other and walk forward, and it’s okay to freak out, and we’re going to keep going.’”
Valerie Waters, Celebrity trainer to Hollywood A-listers

Josh Hillis

Josh Hillis has coached thousands of people on eating behavior, between one-on-one clients, online coaching programs, and live workshops since 2004. He currently attends MSU Denver and is doing his thesis on contextual behavioral science and emotional eating. He won the psychology department’s “promising teach of the year” award as a TA.

Josh has written and fact-checked questions for the NASM personal trainer certification exam. He’s the author of Fat Loss Happens on Monday, and has been in The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and The Denver Post. He’s the curriculum designer and head coach for GMB Fitness’ Eating Skills Program.

“I often tell people that if they want to see the future of the fitness industry (usually just months away!), one merely needs to read Josh Hillis’s most recent post, blog, article or book. Within days, the “rest of us” will be reinventing Josh’s wheels. He was ahead of the game on lifting for women, food journals, habit-based training and nutrition and appropriate targets (fat percentages) for women…and men. Lean in close as you read “Lean and Strong” and have the strength to follow these simple suggestions. It’s an unusual book: you find out that Rosebud is his sled and Darth Vader is Luke’s father right away. The answers are early and often, but the joy of reading this book is going deeper and deeper. Josh makes us all better and smarter in the fields of training and nutrition.”
~ Dan John, author of 40 Years with a Whistle

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Chapter List

Foreword 11
Introduction 13
Chapter One—Your First Month 15
Chapter Two—Don’t Diet 41
Chapter Three—Eating Skills 51
Chapter Four—Workout Skills 119
Chapter Five—The Meta-skills 139
Chapter Six—The Ten Turning Points 171
Chapter Seven—The Wise Five 199
A Note from the Author 245
Appendix One—Skill and Guidelines Tracker 251
Appendix Two—Warmups 277
Appendix Three—Beginning Workout Tracker 281
Appendix Four—Intermediate Workout Tracker 289
Appendix Five—Advanced Workout Tracker 309
Appendix Six—Exercise Descriptions 329
references 347
Index 357


Eating Skills, an Introduction (pages 58–60)

Perfectionism, Excellence, Self-Kindness, and Self-Compassion (pages 23–24)

Which book is the best fit for you? (page 246)

Who Benefits?

Trainers, coaches and anyone in the general public who is interested in eating and workout skills

1 review for Josh Hillis Lean and Strong

  1. Chelsea Hartman

    This is the book I’ve been searching for. While I love the idea of intuitive eating, I have acquired many unhealthy eating behaviors that are my version of normal. However, through Josh Hillis’ book, I’m starting to practice skills that will help me eat like a normal, healthy adult. On top of that, it’s really helped me with the mental health side of fitness and health as well! This book is perfect for anyone who wants to take care of their bodies, but can’t stomach the idea of another elimination diet, It’s chock full of studies and proofs showing what he says, tied into his own personal experiences as a trainer. You can tell Josh cares about his clients and his readers, and wants them to succeed! This book has changed the way I see health, fitness, and my own potential.

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