Dan John Olympic Lifting for Beginners

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Olympic Lifting Techniques for Beginners
by Dan John

In part three of the four videos from Dan John’s Utah workshop weekend, we get a taste of his instruction for beginning Olympic weightlifting. Our original idea was this would be primarily for adults who’ve never lifted Olympic-style, and it’s certainly that, however one of the attendees is a competitive Olympic lifter, who claims a couple of Dan’s tips changed her lifting forever.

Anyone interested in Olympic lifting will get something out of this one.

Learn How to Olympic Lift for Beginners

First, let’s look at his take on pulling through the heels.

In this 80-minute video of Dan John Olympic lifting, Dan taught:

  • Olympic lifting overview
  • Snatch positions
  • Push jerk
  • Split jerk
  • The jerk
  • Overhead squat
  • Goblet squat
  • Shoulder mobility
  • Putting weights overhead
  • Hamstring lengthening
  • Romanian deadlift stretch
  • Wrist flexibility

Now here’s one of value to everyone, even those without interest specifically in Olympic lifting: How to get wrist flexibility.

Having been at the event and as an adult with absolutely no Olympic lifting experience, most attendees left feeling fairly confident in their ability to snatch and jerk… a short piece of PVC pipe.

Seriously, it left the attendees with plenty of enthusiasm for learning the O lifts, and enough technique tips to give us a start on our own at home. It will do the same for you.


  • Includes Dan’s Hip Displacement Continuum discussion (short video)

Who Benefits?

People who want to learn weightlifting, or trainers and coaches who can use Dan’s teaching and cueing tips


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