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Your Body Revival is packed with simple, straight-talking encouragement, inspiration and motivation for permanent weight loss. Here Dave provides a commonsense guide to building muscle and fitness — packed with motivation and enthusiasm.

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Your Body Revival
by Dave Draper

“Being overweight is a private war”

Your Body Revival is packed with simple, straight-talking encouragement, inspiration and motivation for permanent weight loss. Here Dave provides a commonsense guide to building muscle and fitness — packed with motivation and enthusiasm.

This is a book for those of you who know losing weight will free you and strengthen you, but have tried and failed. We’re happy to provide this alternative to the slate of fad weight-loss diet books, and hope you’ll order a copy of this book: the last diet book you’ll ever need.

Arnold Schwarzenegger—
“Draper’s solution to today’s overweight epidemic is right on: direct, honest, motivating, encouraging.”

Dave writes:
Somewhere along life’s journey we have forgotten our responsibility — our obligation — to care for our bodies and maintain our well-being. Take hold of your life with thanksgiving: Exercise, eat right for good. Your Body Revival is for those who are a little or a lot overweight, for whom the problem is novel, taking flight or deep seated… for you who find yourself walking the tedious fine line; obesity is for many only a misstep away. Basic information you need to hear regularly, odd information you might not have heard before, considered or applied, and encouragement you never get enough of is inelegantly bound in the pages. Motivation comes abundantly in the form of heartening real-life vignettes and mild karate chops.

Revival is, literally, outstanding” ~Vince McConnell, Eternally Transformed Fitness

May hold people’s attention longer than conventional weight-loss books simply because the author cares so much…” ~Fearless Reviews

Dave Draper — the former Mr. America, Mr. World, Mr. Universe — reveals the tricks of the trade for fitness.” ~Health News Digest

Chapter List

Foreword 9
Preface 11
1. Your Body Revival: Weight Loss Straight Talk 13
2. Something’s Happening Here: Obesity Statistics & Trends 17
3. Who are You & Where are You Going? Goals & Possibilities 25
4. The Key—Start Moving: Exercise Now 35
5. Computer Update: Things of the Mind 39
6. The Food We Eat: Carbs, Protein, Fat, Calories & Calculations 53
7. Food Factoring: Keeping Track of Yourself & the Food You Eat 61
8. Yo-yos & Fad Diets: Hurt, Damage & Destroy 73
9. Boring Menus: Standard Balanced Menu 83
10. Jump Higher, Move Faster: “Why?” Reinforced 101
11. Measuring Your Progress: Points of Reference 105
12. The Bane of Women: Menopause & Weight Gain 111
13. Facts & Fiction: Helpful Knowledge & Understanding 117
14. Special Reports: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer
& the Fast-Food Industry 139
I5. Hormones Everywhere: The Governing System 149
16. Summarizing My Nutritional Plan: Getting the Ducks in Order 161
17. Exercise Straight Talk: Welcome to Revitalizing Exercise 163
18. Aerobics, Fat Loss & Muscle: Sufficient vs. Excessive 171
19. Getting Started: Early Stages of Home & Gym Training 175
20. Exercise X-rays: Descriptions of Exercises 193
21. The Weights: Training Routines—
Introductory & Comprehensive 219
22. The Final Chapter: In Closing 239
Glossary: Weight Training Lingo 245


Your Body Revival, Chapter One

Obesity and The Emotions, Chapter Five

Dave Draper Your Body Revival Index Pages

Who Benefits?

People who let their weight get away from them and are ready to face the problem head on

1 review for Dave Draper Weight Loss, Your Body Revival book

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Frank J

    You ever look in the mirror and say, “I gotta lose a few pounds”, or maybe, “Hey, I’m chubby”…well, this is the book for you. Mr Draper lays down the law on getting back in shape, and taking back your body…This book motivates and gives real life solutions to rid yourself of those unwanted chin(s) Presented in a way anyone can understand…a must read…get it, you know you need it :)

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