Give Yourself MORE, Georgie Fear and K. Aleisha Fetters

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For many women, body goals are all about loss. In Give Yourself MORE, Georgie Fear and Aleisha Fetters will teach you how to flip that idea of “loss” into their joyous concept of “more.”

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Product Description

Give Yourself MORE
A Science-Backed, Six-Part Plan for Women to Hit Their Weight-Loss Goals by Defying Diet Culture

Georgie Fear, RD, CSDD
K. Aleisha Fetters, MS, CSCS

Foreword by Lisa Lewis, ED, CADC-II, Licensed Psychologist

For many women, body goals are all about loss.

In Give Yourself MORE, leading health experts Georgie Fear and K. Aleisha Fetters draw on psychology, cultural studies, and the science of behavioral change to reveal how the pursuit of LESS gets women… very little. They teach you how to flip the script on losing mindsets so you can change your body and life for the positive.

They ask, what if you stopped trying to subtract from your life (and erase your so-called “faults”), and started adding to it? What if your priority wasn’t on shrinking portions, cutting carbs, or burning calories, but giving yourself MORE of everything you need to thrive?

The answer: You would learn to live more fully, love your body, and take up the space you deserve… mentally, emotionally, and physically. You’d create healthy habits that would fill you up rather than drain you. You would lose weight and keep it off—by defying diet culture.

Audiobook sample from the Introduction

What People Are Saying

Georgie and Aleisha have written a manifesto for the modern woman. They’ve given us the science to back up what already makes intuitive sense: We deserve to be healthier. We deserve to enjoy our lives. I want to hand a copy of Give Yourself MORE to all of my girlfriends, the women I serve with in the Navy, and to every female patient I see. I think they’re ready for MORE. I know I am.
Jeannette McIntyre, MD, Lieutenant Commander, Medical Corps, US Navy

Your Path to Success

Always Striving for Less: How We Became “Less” Seekers and How It’s Hurting Our Health

How did we come to seek less in our lives? In this first hundred pages, Georgie and Aleisha build the case for flipping the story from the way we’ve always dieted and how that made us feel, to their foundation of giving ourselves MORE.

The Power of Giving Yourself More

What does MORE mean for you? And where are you in need of MORE? Find out in these two chapters.

The MORE Method: How to Give Yourself Everything You Need to Thrive (And Hit Your Goals While You’re at It)

In this section, the authors explain body love, finding what moves you, embracing emotion, filling and fueling up, becoming pleased with yourself, and learning to rest.

Maintaining Your MORE: Troubleshooting and Community

Here you’ll learn how to resist the forces that encourage you to shrink back, and how to share your MORE with others.

Everybody needs MORE! I love this smart, approachable book on how to lose the diet mentality, claim your space in this world, and create a joyful relationship with food. You can love your body, desire weight loss, and reject diet culture—all at the same time! Take back your power and fill your cup with Give Yourself MORE!
Abby Langer, RD, Author, Good Food, Bad Diet

What’s Inside Give Yourself More

Setting the Scene

The book opens with an explanation of why weight loss doesn’t work. Why can’t we lose the weight we want to lose? The authors dig in to build the foundation.

Downsizing Women

What’s with all the downsizing? And why do we stay unhappy even after losing weight?

Exercising for Weight Loss…and Punishment

How did the commercial fitness world get to where we are today, and what do we need to do to fix it for women?

Coping with Emotions

Are you an emotional eater who’s afraid that can’t be changed? Georgie and Aleisha step in to teach you the skills you didn’t know you needed. You can learn how to notice and appreciate your emotions, and not fall victim to them.

Dieting—Going after LESS

Are any foods okay to eat? How are we supposed to deal with all this diet information bombarding us daily? Here is where the authors discuss the consequences of all this (mis)information, and tell us what we actually need to know.

Looking for Joy

There’s a common thread of a lack of pleasure in modern life that’s leading to a lot more of LESS. In these pages, we’ll get a look at how to find the simple pleasures that lead to MORE in our lives.

No Rest for the Weary

Women have a serious shortage of free time for relaxing. And all that stress is causing a list of problems that all contribute to more physical problems. How are you going to learn to rest? Our authors have some suggestions in this section.


The mid-point of the book switches from the concept of giving yourself MORE to discovering where you most need to make the flip. The authors offer six assessments to help in your discovery: body love, movement, emotion, eating, pleasure, and rest. Where are YOU in need of more?

Body Love

Now that we know where we need MORE, what are we going to do about it? Here we’re going to learn to identify our most empowering goals.

Finding the Right Way to Move

It may be time for you to completely revamp your idea of exercise. How can you learn to enjoy your movement when exercise has always meant pain or drudgery?

Emotions are a Driving Force

What’s causing the extra eating or the workout avoidance? This meaty section goes deep into identifying and meeting emotional needs to free up space for change.

Fueling Up

Here you’ll learn how to fuel your body and provide the nutrients for great energy and good health.

Becoming Well Pleased

These pages explore how to gain more pleasure and joy in all kinds of food, and discover which of your real-life treats don’t even involve food.

Ditching the To-Do List

Well, maybe not entirely, but you don’t have to “do it all,” nor can you. Let’s learn how to take a break from all this busy-ness.

Overcoming Obstacles

What are you going to do when you encounter cultural obstacles? How can you keep going for MORE when others encourage you to look toward LESS?

Spreading Your MORE

How are you going to help your friends and family enjoy your newfound MORE? Can you share it with them?


This book is extremely well referenced, including 351 references, and is well indexed.

Give Yourself MORE expertly breaks down why diet culture doesn’t work for anyone—and provides a much-needed antidote that transforms healthy habits from punishments into indulgences. It’s an essential guide for anyone looking for easy, actionable ways
to flip the script on what it means to make healthier choices.
Robin Hilmantel, Digital Director, Women’s Health

This is the Rosetta Stone of helping women unlock their potential and create a mindset that will support their goals. Since 90% of my gym members are women, I read it for my clients, but found it wonderfully eye-opening for my own fitness journey. If you help others or want an edge for yourself, Georgie and Aleisha have packed this book with
an evidence-based framework that will enable you to achieve MORE!
Dave Rascoe, CFSC, Founder, LIFT Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Georgie Fear

Georgie Fear is a registered dietitian, science-based nutrition counselor and behavioral health expert. Her works include Lean Habits for Lifelong Weight Loss, The Racing Weight Cookbook, and the Breaking Up with Binge Eating podcast.





Our flawed, harmful cultural beliefs about women and their bodies are deeply entrenched, so if we’re going to get to a future where deprivation and punishment are replaced with nourishment and joy, we need voices like Aleisha’s and Georgie’s to help us navigate this new terrain with compassion, evidence-based insight, and actionable steps.
Cathryne Keller, Wellness Editor, O, The Oprah Magazine

K. Aleisha Fetters


Aleisha Fetters is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and advocate for empowerment through smart strength training. She writes for publications including Self and O, The Oprah Magazine. She’s the author of Fitness Hacks for Over 50 and co-author of The Woman’s’ Guide to Strength Training.




I’ve been in the fitness field for a decade, and have yet to find a resource I can trust and believe in for women who want to do anything but lose that last five pounds…until now. If you suspect that diet culture’s “less is more” ethos is a twisted lie, pick up this book and read it today. You won’t find anything more comprehensive, direct, thoughtful, researched, and applicable as what’s inside. This is a difference-maker. Aleisha and Georgie are leading a charge for MORE, and I’m so excited to be rallying alongside them! Once you’ve read Give Yourself MORE, you will be too.
Kourtney A. Thomas, CSCS,*D, Owner, Kourtney Thomas Fitness & Coaching


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Chapter List

Foreword 9
Introduction 13
Chapter 1—Hating Our Bodies into Less 23
Chapter 2—Exercise, Punishment, and Looking “Like a Man” 37
Chapter 3—Running from Emotions 49
Chapter 4—Cutting Calories, Macros, and Food Groups 65
Chapter 5—A Shortage of Pleasure 83
Chapter 6—No Rest for the Weary 97
Chapter 7—MORE, Defined 109
Chapter 8—Where Are You in Need of MORE? 113
Chapter 9—Body Love, at Last 129
Chapter 10—Find What Moves You 153
Chapter 11—Embracing Emotion 175
Chapter 12—Filling and Fueling Up 205
Chapter 13—Well Pleased 231
Chapter 14—Get Some Rest 249
Chapter 15—Resisting Forces That Encourage You to Shrink Back 269
Chapter 16—Spreading Your MORE 279
References 287
Index 309


Running on Less and Why Weight “Loss” Doesn’t Work

Internalized Smallness

Running from Emotions



Who Benefits?

Women who are interested in weight-loss skills, and those who coach women who need to understand the complex emotional tangle involved in trying to lose weight

2 reviews for Give Yourself MORE, Georgie Fear and K. Aleisha Fetters

  1. Bob Cabral

    Loved Georgie’s first book (Lean Habits), so I was very interested in reading her follow-up. I know this book was written for the female audience in mind, but being a male Health/Fitness coach to many females I felt it was a must read for me. Glad to say I was not disappointed. The message in this book is the same I’ve been giving my people for decades.
    For someone like myself who started their journey in the bodybuilding scence back in the 80’s, it skewed my idea of what the ideal healthy body(and mind) was composed of. Allowing myself to be judged by others and them telling me what my body should look like doesn’t do much for someones psyche.
    Thank goodness I began to educate myself by reading (a lot) about everything (Physiology, Psychology, Spirituality) that pertained to how obtain a healthy and fit body, I began powerlifting and strongman. Training (movement challenging) became fun again. That’s what this book is all about. Giving women a real true idea of what health and fitness really is. They give them assistance to achieving the right (healthy) mindset.
    Looking forward to recommending this book to many of my female clients (friends). Thank you!

  2. Kate (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVED this book. I was a huge fan of Georgie’s other book, Lean Habits and this is a wonderful follow up. Georgie and Aleisha are knowledgeable, funny and down to earth – so the book is a very quick read and holds your attention well.
    I love the premise of reframing less to more – instead of taking away, subtracting, depriving, we are adding in value and nourishment to our lives.

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