Josh Hillis: Which of My Books Will Work for You?

I wrote Lean and Strong for people who want to get leaner and stronger, but I hope it makes a difference in another way too. I hope to have some impact on the fitness profession toward being kinder, more professional, and more effective.

The diet field, especially, can be a total dumpster fire. Or is it a cesspool? As Dan John often reminds us, “We can do better.” It was my intention that the delivery in this book is kind; the references make it professional, and the organization is effective.

I look at it like this—diets work for a small circle of people. My first book, Fat Loss Happens on Monday, worked for a large circle of people. It’s my experience that the tools in this new book work for a significantly larger circle. There are already enough people trying to create the optimal diet for the people in the smallest circle. My job is to keep making the circle bigger.

Josh Hillis