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Dan John
Dan John Systems Approach

With Chip Conrad
Link to Chip’s How to Create a Holistic Athlete DVD links page

Filmed at
21 Gram Gym, Arcata, California

Dan Gable

Ralph Maughan

L Jay Silvester

Thomas Plummer

Dick Notmeyer

DeLorme & Watkins, Progressive Resistance Exercise, 1950

Vladimir Janda

Dan John, Intervention book

Josh Hillis, Fat Loss Coaching Lecture

Marty Gallagher, The Purposeful Primitive

Tommy Kono, Weightlifting Olympic Style & Championship Weightlifting

Pavel Tsatsouline describes Sergey Smolov’s squat program in the article Another Russian Super Cycle

Easy Strength, by Dan John & Pavel Tsatsouline

Brett Jones

David Rigert

Art DeVany

Bryan Clay

Dan John’s Quadrants audio lecture

Pavel Tsatsouline

Gary Ordway

Leigh Peele’s Bodyfat Percentages page

Steve Ilg, Total Body Transformation

The biggest collection of physical culture and sports archival material is at the Stark Center

Pushups for Charity

Dan John, Never Let Go