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Dan John: Principles of Training for the Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) Preparation Program

“It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.” Dan John gives you the small, but important additions that lead to a successful Russian Kettlebe...

Robert Dos Remedios: Building Better Athletes with Optimal Program Design

What do your athletes really need? Robert Dos Remedios wants to make sure that your program design has the right focus—building better athletes.

Dan John: My Game Changers

What were the game-changing events in Dan John’s life? One thing’s for sure: Dan’s game changers are all about performance!

Matt Swift: Training Goals – Ask the Why before the What

When the wrong exercises cause more harm than benefit, it’s probably because your training goals have been focused on the “what” and not the “why.”

David Weck Coiling Core

David Weck: Enhancing the Core of Athletic Movement

In sports and in life, rotation is power. David Weck demonstrates that a braced core is not required for most athletic movements and discusses the benefits of Head Over Foot™ alignmen...

Chris Holder: Training Failure – When to Push Young Athletes and When to Wait

From a coaching perspective, you never want to see your athlete fail . . . but many young athletes seemingly set themselves up for training failure. Chris Holder looks at a few reasons ...

Robb Rogers: Regeneration Strategies

Thought you had the training programmed right . . . but something seems missing? What about time for recovery and rest? Robb Rogers discusses the need for well-planned regeneration stra...

Guy Massi: Stay General or Go Specific When Training Young Athletes?

A philosophical and practical look at the training timeline for young athletes; from general athleticism to sport-specific skills, giving guidance on decisions to be made along the way.

Joel Jamieson: How to Write a World-Class Conditioning Program in 15 Minutes or Less

Joel Jamieson always hears the same refrain from fitness professionals: “When it comes to a conditioning program, I struggle to put all the pieces together.” The tips in this articl...

Vince McConnell: Training at 50 (or 20) and Beyond

Success in training at 50 and beyond is about understanding basic principles and learning the best ways to implement them on a consistent basis. Written from the perspective of one who ...

Exercise Program Design Fundamentals, Part Two

In Exercise Program Design Fundamentals, Part 1, you learned what to focus on in your training using Dan John’s Four Quadrants. You also learned the importance of finding your gap...


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