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Mark Cheng: Tall-Kneeling Basics

Tall-kneeling is an oft-missed step between crawling and half-kneeling and lunging postures. Mark Cheng wants you to give it due attention and tells you wh...

Kathy Dooley: Functional Anatomy for All Disciplines

Need an anatomy refresher? Kathy Dooley proposes body painting as a new and powerful way to continue your functional anatomy education.

Adam Wolf: Integrated Motion and the Frontal Plane Lunge

From an integrated motion perspective, Adam Wolf details the use of frontal plane lunge variations as assessment tools and corrective exercises.

Charlie Weingroff: Reactive Neuromuscular Training for the Deep Squat

This quick video from Charlie Weingroff shows us a few variations on using Reactive Neuromuscular Training in designing a corrective exercise program for dysfunctions of the deep squat ...

Gray Cook: Movement Habits and Repatterning

Gray Cook advises you to look for lifestyle problems before you program correctives for your clients. If you’re trying to repattern without looking at habits and posture, you’re not...

Evan Osar drill for shoulder stabilization

Evan Osar: Forward Shoulder Posture and Scapular Retraction Exercises, Part II

Evan Osar continues his discussion on scapular retraction exercises for clients with forward shoulder posture and demonstrates how to integrate optimal shoulder alignment and control in...

Gray Cook, work at the edge of ability

Gray Cook: Corrective Exercise at The Edge of Ability

Corrective exercise should not be a rehearsal of outputs. Instead, it should represent challenging opportunities to manage mistakes at a fundamental level near the edge of ability. Mana...

the most powerful skills in corrective exercise

Corrective Exercise for Personal Trainers and Coaches

The term corrective exercise broadly refers to movements designed to target a problem seen in a person’s physical movement. In our lives, either through our day-to-day work, unbalance...

Evan Osar: Corrective Exercise Essentials [Video]

Corrective exercise can be a confusing and controversial topic. Some make corrective exercise the ‘be-all and end-all’ of their training programs, never incorporating the other elem...

Evan Osar’s Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach Review

We often get asked about good corrective exercise resources. We have great resources in our catalog like the Movement book, which covers the Functional Movement Systems (the Functional ...


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