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the-system periodization book

Training Cycle Principles

Excerpted from Chapter Four of The System, authors Johnny Parker, Al Miller, Rob Panariello and Jeremy Hall introduce their idea of systematic program desi...

the-system periodization book

The System: Foreword

Coach Dan Reeves gives us a glimpse at the work of coaches Johnny Parker and Al Miller, who, with Rob Panariello and Jeremy Hall, wrote The System, the ultimate guide to periodization.

the-system periodization book

Frequency of Training

Frequency of Training: Success in training comes down to building recovery into the program from the beginning. Is this a factor in your workout programming?

Taylor Lewis: Communication — The Missing Key Between Performance and Rehab

Why is it so hard to bridge the gap between rehab and performance? Taylor Lewis proposes a few methods to improve communication between exercise specialists and the doctors, nurses, phy...

Brian Gwaltney: The Tangential Model of Periodization

How would an engineer look at strength and conditioning? Brian Gwaltney uses a unique background to look at how theories of periodization work out in real life.

Dan John: I’m The Coach and I’m Always Right

Sometimes athletes just don’t hear what their coach is saying . . . whether you are guiding their diet, training or performance, make sure they hear you.

Patrick Ward: My Training Philosophy

Patrick Ward presents a simple training philosophy that establishes priorities: manage the first two steps well, then go ahead and attack your specific goals.

Dan John: Old Drills Reborn—Training Programs for “Everybody Else”

Thirty seconds on? I can do that. Thirty seconds off? Definitely. For thirty minutes? Say what? Dan John has some ideas that may convince you to add classic circuit training to your pro...

Gray Cook: What are Progressions?

What are progressions? How are they part of your training continuum? For Gray Cook, language and communication are vital to accountability.

Dan John: My Game Changers

What were the game-changing events in Dan John’s life? One thing’s for sure: Dan’s game changers are all about performance!

Glenn Pendlay: Programming for Older Lifters

Glenn Pendlay has coached his lifters to over 100 national championships . . . they’re not all young. His plans for older lifters highlight the physical and mental differences in thei...