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Greg Dea

Increasing Achilles Load Tolerance – part 2 – The Rebuild

In this part two of Greg Dea's commentary on how to relieve Achilles tendon pain.

Greg Dea

Sore Achilles? Reset first

In this part one of two, Greg Dea offers suggestions to relieve Achilles tendon pain.

Dan John: The Hip Movement Continuum

The story of the origin and evolution of Dan John’s Hip Movement (Displacement) Continuum gives you the understanding you need to move powerfully in a much simpler, safer and sounder ...

Chuck Wolf: Muscle Energy Techniques

Do not build stability on top of stability. After considering the health and activity history and lifestyle of a client, Muscle Energy Techniques are often helpful to gain not only stim...

Sue Falsone: Pain Theories

Pain is a reality of rehab and performance, and the more you understand, the more you can help your client or patient understand. In this excerpt, Sue Falsone summarizes a few of the mo...

Lorimer Moseley: Pain, Stimulus and Meaning

What does it mean when pain changes while the stimulus remains the same? Lorimer Moseley looks at the complexity of pain beyond nociception.

Sue Falsone: Problems at the Head, Neck, Shoulders and Torso

Shoulder and spine expert Sue Falsone explores the complicated musculoskeletal causes of headaches and neck pain in this full-body study.

Robert Linkul: Proper Transfers for Older Adults

Transfer movements are a vital part of so many exercises and trainers need to ensure that their clients do them with proper form. But, what are your clients doing in daily life . . . wh...

Lorimer Moseley: How to Explain Pain

Pain researcher Lorimer Moseley covers two very important factors to consider as you communicate with your patients about their pain: information and empathy.

Lorimer Moseley on Pain

Pain Researcher Lorimer Moseley: Pain is an Emergent Experience

There’s no such thing as a pain stimulus. Nothing has the property of pain. It’s an emergent property of the human. Pain receptor—there’s no such thing. Pain pathway—there’s...

Lorimer Moseley: Learning from Phantom Pain

Lorimer Moseley shares an interesting anecdote about a lost hand that helps bring understanding to the complexity of pain.