Evan Osar: Corrective Exercise Essentials [Video]

Corrective exercise can be a confusing and controversial topic.

Some make corrective exercise the ‘be-all and end-all’ of their training programs, never incorporating the other elements that are needed to make progress.

Others dismiss corrective exercise altogether, thinking it to be ineffective, useless and merely another gimmick that will quickly fade away.

Like most things, however, the truth about corrective exercise lies somewhere in the middle.


In the following video, Dr. Evan Osar, a chiropractor and the author of Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Shoulder and Hip Dysfunction and Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach covers some essentials about corrective exercise, including:

  • What corrective exercise is and what it is not
  • The 3 biggest myths surrounding corrective exercise
    • Myth #1: “Just get clients moving. Stop focusing on corrective exercise and trying to achieve perfection.”
    • Myth #2: “Your client, group exerciser or athlete doesn’t need to know anatomy and biomechanics. You just need to focus on training them.”
    • Myth #3: “Corrective exercise inhibits a person from getting stronger.”
  • The golden rules of corrective exercise
  • How to incorporate corrective exercise into your current programs using 3 simple steps
  • Sample programming incorporating corrective and progressive exercise patterns

If you’re new to corrective exercise or are confused by the conflicting opinions you’ve heard, watch this video and learn how to use corrective exercise successfully in your programming:


If you’d like to learn Evan Osar’s systematic approach to corrective exercise, you’ll love his comprehensive online course Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach.


In this package Evan covers the principles behind postural and movement dysfunction, corrective exercise and good program design.

Quality video demonstration of techniques and exercises using real people makes everything easy to understand. Evan gives plenty of cues and tells you what to look out for as your clients conduct each drill, assessment and exercise, so you’re never left wondering what to do.

He also gives three detailed case studies to help you see exactly how to apply principles to real-world situations.

Evan Osar’s Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach is perfect for fitness professionals who want to learn about the underlying causes of postural and movement dysfunction, and how to use corrective exercise and smart program design to build an effective and practical training program that improves posture and movement.

This course is approved for .9 CEUs from both NSCA and NASM.

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Evan Osar

Evan Osar is a chiropractic physician who specializes in corrective sports medicine. He lectures around the world and has written books, articles and training videos.

As a chiropractic physician Dr. Evan Osar provides a unique perspective on corrective exercise and fundamental training principles for the health and fitness professional that works with the pre and post-rehabilitation, pre and post-natal, baby boomer and senior populations. Dr. Osar has become known for taking challenging information and putting it into useable information the health and fitness professional can apply immediately with their clientele. He is the creator of over a dozen resources including the highly acclaimed Corrective Exercise Approach to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction and has co-authored the recently released Functional Anatomy of the Pilates Core. He created the Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor™ and Integrative Movement Specialist™ certifications to help health and fitness that work with the general population discover real-world strategies and solutions for improving posture and movement. For more information, please visit: www.fitnesseducationseminars.com


Subscribe and we'll send great articles to your email box. Includes FREE access to our OTP Vault of material from experts in the field.