Dan John: Alignment

Dan John discusses the simple beauty of alignment and why it must be a common theme and vital requirement in sport and fitness.

Excerpted from Gray Cook, Dan John & Lee Burton Essentials of Coaching and Training Functional Continuums 

You know, of all the things we’ll see today, as a strength coach, if I could just have you take away one thing, it would be this slide right there, this slide on alignment.


Do you see the position, the top of the head? That’s driving to the ceiling. If you look at their belt lines, the belts are parallel to the ground. The butt is tight. If you squeeze your butt cheeks and you feel it in front, you probably have an issue.

As a strength coach, that’s the alignment I want my people in when they finish moves.
As a football coach, that’s how I want them to hit you.
As a throws coach, that’s how I want you to start the position, and then maybe finish the throw.

We have gotten so far away from something that simple.

It’s actually kind of beautiful, but that’s our goal. Yet, when you look at people perform poorly in the weight room—and that’s where I live during track or foot­ball—it’s when they get away from that position. Just keep your eye on that position.

That alignment is what we’re looking for in sport and fitness

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