Dan John: Wandering Weights, Our Epic Journey Through All Things Heavy, Issue # 12

Well, the Super Bowl was worthy of the name and I enjoyed watching the game. The commercials were good, but a bunch of them were downers. Halftime was whatever the Super Bowl halftime has become. I still think we should just have the Grambling Marching Band (the first Super Bowl halftime) and play the game. Oh, and run the ball, Seattle. Run the ball.

If you want to get a sense of how complex the NFL has become, I think this is not only an excellent personal piece, but very insightful about how complex the game has become.

There is some value in studying the basics of coaching football. There is nothing quite like trying to control 90 people at once, with eleven on the field, eleven on the other team, officials, fans, noise, police, buses, lights…it is insane. You must focus on the basics. James Clear does a nice job here with reminding us of this lesson.

As we move on from football for this season, let's make one more quick stop. FromKelvin King, we see this sample recovery management tool.

I want to offer a few things to make you smarter. The most copied man in the strength field might be Ian King. This link will give you a four-part article on leg work that will cover a lot of questions. I like loaded carries, farmer walks and all the sleds and stuff for single-leg work. I've never seen a value to lunges. But, I'm willing to be wrong here, although I doubt it. 

“The opposite of science” must have a name of some kind. I do feel for people who get their medical and fitness advice from TV, hucksters and salesman. I thought this article covered this fairly well. Someone told me that Doctor Oz recommended over 400 different supplements on his show during one season for a variety of ills and ailments. How would you organize this? How would someone afford it?  

I just finished Katy Bowman’s book, Move Your DNA, which was recommended in one of my forum discussions. It’s an easy and quick read, and the chapters on the pelvis are very good. You might also listen to her in this podcast with Joe Rogan.

If you want to see one of the most amazing human movements, Bryan Clay shows us how to the throw the discus in the video below. He weighed 180, and threw the discus 180 feet. He's obviously moving his DNA well here

If you want to move more athletically, Max Shank sums his new material well in this article. There are certainly a lot of skills to learn, but I like the idea of mixing the O lifts, sprinting, gymnastics and basic training. And, no, CrossFit did NOT invent this first. 

Finally, I like this from the late Bill Hicks. It’s about comedy and being funny, but I think the principles hold up for every discipline.

This week the selections in WW are much heavier and meatier than usual. There's a thread that connects all of this collection: Mastery of movements trumps everything else. 

The human body you have is the only one you get. Hicks said it best: “If you can be yourself on stage, nobody else can be you and you have the law of supply and demand covered."


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Publisher’s note: If you're thinking about mastery of movement, certainly the new DVD from Gray, Dan and Lee is a great place to start.

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