Dan John: Wandering Weights, Our Epic Journey Through All Things Heavy, Issue # 2

First, let’s look back…WAAAAAAAY back to 1959. I just love the Old Olympic lifters (Ye Olde O Lifterzzz), but watching the struggle is just amazing. No juice in these guys and no one is arguing about low T levels from plastic.

In my upcoming book, not the one with Josh, but the next, next one, I write this:

Do you have to be nursing a hangover? No. When I was 18, my coach, Dick Notmeyer, left on a road trip. I would have to go into The City to train at the Sports Palace. My hero, Lee James, surprised everyone with a Silver Medal and my world was made right again. 

My dad drove up with me (I needed him to pay the $10 (!!!) daily fee), and once we got there I started to train. My clean & jerks were feeling good, and when I walked in the door my PR was 270. God Bless kilos because I took 271, and clean & jerked for a new record. My dad said, “That looked easy.” 

So, I did 282.

Then, I made 292.

Dan Curiel walked in and said, “Try 137.5 Kilos. You can make it.” I made the lift and broke the 300-pound barrier. I had added 33 pounds to my personal record in half an hour. 

Why? I don’t know and didn’t ask. I’ve learned that extraordinary training sessions and days just pop out of nowhere and you must enjoy your dance with these rare moments of life. 

The lift that changed my life, Lee James nailing the Silver:

I keep telling people that talking about the nervous system is sooooooo 2006.  The lymphatic system is going to be the next big wave in our industry. This article was telling us that five years ago:

I wrote something for Men’s Health on climbing and crawling and, of course, people begged for more. For the record, I am not a chimp, have never been one and I am not allowed at the meetings. I thought this was good, but to really be one of these guys (SEALs), you might die. It’s one thing to think you train like one of these guys, but another to be one. But…this is good.

Now, if you want to train JUST like a Navy Special Operator but your hands hurt when you do…and you don’t like dirt or water or getting too cold or heights or guns or fear or danger or stress or fatigue or…here you go Street Warrior!

I need a palate cleanse.

I’ve been preaching this for a long time. The website is wrong on the article, but if you have the will, this is the way.

Once you snatch over 300, clean over 400, deadlift and squat over 600, then maybe we can write a better program for you.


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