Dan John: Wandering Weights, Issue # 34

I thought this week we should try something a bit new and different. I finished my firstArt of Coaching workshop in London last weekend and was impressed by the participants. The level of professionalism and skill in Ireland and the UK always leaves me feeling we’re turning the fitness industry in the right direction.

So, this week I thought I would highlight some of the group. This might become a bit of a tradition.

Tim Harrison writes a lot of good material over at Breaking Muscle. As always, they make it hard to find anything over there, so I asked Tim to comment on this article that I think is his best:

“Over the past two years I have written a lot of recipes and a lot of articles on ‘fitfood.’ If there is one that I am most proud of, and would happily forsake all of the others for, it’s this one! If you can learn to enjoy rather than just tolerate your veg, then you are going to be all right.”

Steve Kowalenko, a London-based PT: Find the problem, fix the problem. Steve will be visiting SLC soon. This was a good piece of work on the loaded carry (it pops open into a PDF). Be sure to open the links at the end of the article for some interesting other pieces, too.

Charley Radcliffe/Digital Steak, “This is my journey from city worker to mountain liver and fitness en route.” To get to the heart and soul of his work, try this inclusive piece.

Sam Griffiths—Solent Strength + Nutrition… Sam and I tend to end up together every time I fly over the Atlantic. I like this principle he uses as a foundation:

Assessment > Movement > Mobility > Stability > Strength > Your goals. 

It might be worth your time to roll this around in your head.

Robert Clarkson from Reactive Training, based in Glasgow working on fat loss for women 30+… I like the math work that Robert does for us on this piece. Food for thought (get it! HA!).

Tom Morgan, a Bristol-based coach, “Learn to move, build strength, control your bodyweight.” This is an older piece from Tom. I like how it cuts to the chase.

Lauren Rooney, based in Belfast, a simple approach to all elements of fitness, two people on a raw strength journey. In this post, you get the two-for-one with my good friend, Finn. 

Phil McDougall, gold-standard kettlebell tuition in London’s Hyde Park. Think Outside The Gym! Phil is special. A great man, he lead me up a peak in Wales and taught me a game that got someone to eat dog treats (I didn’t have to!). He also does a great job explaining something I don’t fully understand, the pelvic floor.

Lizzie Havers, the wandering weightlifter—her site hasn’t launched, but her current branding is www.fitnesschrysalis.com. Her series on goal setting and sticking with it is quite good.

Lyndon Lane, with two gyms…Lyndon showed up to the workshop with a busted-up right wrist, but never missed a drill, skill or movement. This page will give you some insights into him.

Matthew Sweet: The product of my influences, study, actions and reflections. Drink deeply from Matthew’s site. He is a reader’s reader and you’ll get a taste of that the second you pop the link open. Be sure your cup is empty when you read his list of recommended books….it’s going to take a bit to finish it!

Just about to hop on a flight back to the States. So, until next week, let’s keep on keeping on.



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