Dan John: Wandering Weights, Issue # 76

Wandering Weights
Our Epic Journey Through All Things Heavy, Issue # 76

Apparently it’s not well known that we have an archive of Dan’s Wandering Weights. Here’s the link; the page is updated weekly.

I just finished a great weekend with Chip Conrad and Dave Hall down in Nashville, enjoyed a double header with the Salt Lake Bees, settled in for a great week at home and received some bad news. One of my heroes, Tommy Kono, has died.

My mom used to say bad news comes in threes, so this finishes my trio. When I first met him, he was so kind and just so helpful. He certainly liked Tiffini, too, signed my copy of my book three times…thanking Tiffini for being wise enough to get me this book. If you want to know O lifting, you could do no better than TK.

Enjoy these from the Tight Tan Pants site:

I had a lot of positive feedback last week about Charles Eugster. He has a site that seems to be building, but there are some gems. A follow-up interview was also very good.

“Thirdly, is exercise – take it regularly and make sure it’s the kind of exercise that’s relevant to your body type, he says. ‘In old age, no matter how old you are, food and exercise are crucial,’ says Eugster, adding that he is preparing to publish a book about aging and, while he hasn’t yet decided on a title, he’s thinking about calling it, ’95 and Loving It!’

“He’s currently in discussions about the establishment of a fitness training scheme for the elderly.”

I travel a lot. Athletes travel a lot. There is another home field advantage for not traveling!

“Predators aren’t a big problem for people these days. But the human brain was shaped during a time when nights were dark and full of terrors, Rattenborg says.

“‘When we’re sleeping in a new environment and we don’t know how many predators are around,’ he says, ‘it would make sense to keep half the brain more alert and more responsive to bumps in the night.’

“Sasaki says that brain response is involuntary and there’s nothing people can do to prevent it, even if they’ve just flown in for a big presentation the next morning. So lots of coffee the next morning.”

So, sleep two nights in a new place before you compete. I also fast when I travel. This talk on fasting is very good by Mark Mattson at TEDxJohnsHopkinsUniversity.

I shouldn’t laugh, but Taylor Lewis shared the best video this week about the modern parent.

If you like lifting videos, here. But, read the short piece on how he saw only TWO missed attempts in training in two days. Plus, he notes how to best warm up just with the bar.

So, with a sad heart due to the death of Tommy Kono, I close for this week. I’m sure I will reread Tommy’s two books this week and be reminded about falling in love with the fundamentals.

Until next week, keep lifting and learning.


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