Dan John: Wandering Weights, Our Epic Journey Through All Things Heavy, Issue # 18

As I type this, I’m sitting in Dublin Airport getting set to return home. There’s something magical about Ireland. I’m not the first to notice this, but it’s hard not to appreciate the Art of Conversation when you’re with the Irish.

Precision Nutrition offers a lot of good material and excellent course work. I went through the Level One program a few years back and it was very good. This article by Krista Scott-Dixon highlights one of the big issues in all areas of fitness and performance.

To improve both your conversation skills and your willpower, read this article (and the whole series of articles) about reading and reading lists. Ernest Hemingway read a book and a half a day, plus three full newspapers. That was just part of the reason he was such a fine writer. There’s wisdom in this idea. Many of us in fitness would be wise to read more than just anatomy texts.

Greg Gallagher has been on a roll lately. This piece summed the idea of “less is more.” There’s a good point about CNS here that’s worth thinking about.

Craig Marker does a nice job looking at fitness through the lens of economics here. I taught Econ for a few years and I thought, in hindsight, that it’s the single best discipline for learning to coach American football. Econ and a few games of chess a week will do a lot for understanding the art of managing compromises in coaching.

I had a friend in Ireland ask me about this article by Tom Furman. Tom has good material. In our gym, we use the Ab Wheel, the L-Sit and the Hanging Leg Raise family, but we might need to make this a more logical progression.

An older article from Tom brings back a movement that few remember—say, this article will keep you on your toes. Tom’s two short books are also very good, too.

Scott Krall is an enthusiastic throws coach. I love his website that’s basically a one-stop shop for throwing and lifting ideas. Enjoy tooling around here and getting some ideas.

Finally, a present for you: The Original Get Up! Volume One, Issue One.

Enjoy the week. I’m off to Perform Better in Boston this weekend, and then Strength Matters in San Diego. I should have a lot of new material to report on soon.


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