Dan John: Wandering Weights, Our Epic Journey Through All Things Heavy, Issue # 20

I just finished my “secret workshop” here in Murray, Utah, where I did a two-day event covering the material from my upcoming workshop The Art of Coaching, which swings into action in July in London.
So I'm a bit behind on a few things. If there are lessons I've learned through life about dealing with stress like this, the “answers” to stress are—

Eat your veggies and drink your water.
Nothing new here!
I met a couple of folks, Sandeep and Prashanti at a Perform Better Workshop in Boston last week. What brave people! They came to the USA and are basically going from gym to gym to meet the brightest minds in fitness in America. Followtheir journey at Strength System.
Maybe this week’s theme is kindness as we approach the Easter weekend. I was very impressed by this story.
Last week, my theme seemed to be squatting and I really enjoyed piecing it all together.This Guide to Squat Variations deserves a mention, too.
Marc Halpern sent me this Eric Cressey article on how to move better, and I like it. Sometimes, focusing on the basics trumps everything else.
Tom Furman has a great blog. He is insightful and simple in his approach, but still demands discipline. Enjoy.
Oddly, this article…well, the topic of the article…offends me. I believe in the absolute dignity of every human person, but it’s okay to call people lunkheads? It’s like that show, The Biggest Loser. How far do we have to go to offend?
If I was a member of that gym, I think I would follow the lead of William Faulkner—

"As long as I live under the capitalistic system, I expect to have my life influenced by the demands of moneyed people. But I will be damned if I propose to be at the beck and call of every itinerant scoundrel who has two cents to invest in a postage stamp.

"This, sir, is my resignation."

Before I go, t-nation just posted a new article of mine on how to get stronger.
Hang around after reading it.

Ha, get it? No? Read the article!
Have a wonderful weekend. Until next week.


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