Dan John: Wandering Weights, Our Epic Journey Through All Things Heavy, Issue # 23

Like many Americans, I have less money this week after Tax Day last week. On Saturday, I helped at the Junior State Meet and did the job of loading. Spending a day hopping out of a chair and picking weights up from the floor reminded me about soreness. The plates on the ground are a bit farther down than the bar.
Today I'm poorer and sorer!
I thought this article had some great insights about saving money concerning education. I grew up with the Great Books tradition, and we were taught that drinking deeply from the classics of Western literature and then discussing the big themes (liberty, democracy, freedom, truth and problem solving are the ones I remember the most) was as valuable as an actual college education. I still think this is true.
Then I followed the links to a number of ideas concerning furthering one’s education.This follow-up was delightful.
I used to joke at the high school I taught at that every freshman is going to Harvard or Yale, every sophomore is considering Stanford or Cal, every junior is deciding on what in-state college is best, and every senior thinks the local community college is a fine deal indeed. Every decision we make in life limits the whole buffet of choices we have ahead of us. This article tied into that idea.
There's a concept I learned from Earl Nightingale, and it's the method I've used since 2004 to make every important decision of my life. It’s nothing new, but definitely worth the time to not only read it, but also to apply it.
Almost every week, I note that “Greg has been on a roll lately.” That repeats this week, with this article being a good tune-up for the next two I want you to consider.
I'll never be a Victoria’s Secret model. I'm comfortable with that, by the way. This sensible article stunned me—it's so reasonable, so Josh Hillis-esque, that I was floored to see it on the internet. Sure, being born a certain way helps, butfollowing these basic points will help anyone.
We all know that fasting can be a good thing. But, the question is "fasting for how long?” I used to find fasting for more than 50 minutes was a challenge. This guy went a wee bit farther: 382 days.
Finally, from elsewhere around the 'net, I liked this article on minimalism from Breaking Muscle. 
I've been slowly putting together my videos over on my YouTube channel. It’s where I try to show what I'm talking about versus talking more!
My best to all of you…and until next week, keep on keeping on.


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