Dan John: Wandering Weights, Our Epic Journey Through All Things Heavy, Issue # 24

I’m off on an extended trip from Chicago to Michigan to New York to Vienna. That means this week’s Wandering Weights reflects one of my basic life principles: when things go crazy (or wrong)…simplify.
First, let’s get back to basics. One of our readers, Markus, sent in this link. There's a lot to be learned from listening to these kids and coaches.
Something as simple as fire might be the reason you're reading this today. I probably have some Neanderthal blood running through me—in fact, one of my friends is convinced I have a lot. But cooking food is part of our survival story. For follow-up, watch Tom Hanks in Castaway again.
The Castaway diet is something most people should consider: coconut, crab, fish…and nothing else. It seems to work. If you can’t get to an island by Friday (literary humor, if you don’t get the joke maybe you should take a Crusoe instead), try this more sane approach. This is basic advice. I don’t know what that one supplement is, but it's worth a read. For magic supplement advice, try this simple daily thing that many people I know do.
And, since I seem to be on a survival kick here, this is an interesting article on practicing falling. I can’t preach this often enough. Wednesday is my Turkish getup day, and I also spend several days a week rolling around a bit. It’s an investment in our future when we practice falling.
To stay in the game of sports and fitness, the following three articles are excellent, and honestly, they're good for anyone wanting to be active and fit.
  • Standards are underrated in their ability to tell us enough is enough.
  • Andrew Read, a good friend and part-time member of my Intentional Community morning training group, offers two interesting articles on staying in the game: Fit at 40 & Gaining on the Weak
Reminds me of Steve Ilg. Ilg is one of the great thinkers in our field. Like Phil Maffetone, he never seems to get his “due.” Steve’s article in Outside Onlineneeds to be cleaned up, but the workout is here, and will be a good use of your time. This follow-up piece on spirituality ties together Ilg’s wholistic philosophy.
Although it discusses writing ads and copy, this sensible letter deserves to be posted on your wall.
Finally, Coach Stevo raises three great points that will make you laugh and cry if you're a fitness professional. People tell always us about all their self-discipline and the need for really hard workouts. They don’t usually have the first, and rarely need the second!
This week’s WW covers a lot of ground, but each article swings us back to the nitty gritty of what is key, important, basic, core and fundamental.
And, that's usually the best thing to do!


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