Intervention DVD Video Clips

From Dan John’s Intervention workshop dvd

In the turmoil of Dan’s Intervention seminar, as we filmed for DVD, I took in… pretty much nothing. Later, I listened as the attendees gush (it’s true, they did), but it wasn’t until my fourth or fifth pass through the material that the built-in critic who poses as an editor began to subside and the breadth of the material began to seep in. Dan made such an organized, methodical march through a mountain of material—a solid thirty years of learning and coaching—that much later that I realized what a volume of thinking had been so simply laid out. It’s, I guess you could call it… stunning.

Here’s what makes Dan John popular: With a simple tool kit of questions and ideas, he can cut through all the clutter and nail down what YOU need to do to improve your fitness, health and performance.

Prepare yourself for at least one moment of I can’t believe I ignored this! and several moments of Well, of course…but why don’t I do this?

Pretty common conversation these days, basic human movements, right? Dan gives his 4-minute overview:

Here’s a clip in which Dan shows his newest concept for teaching hip hinging, the Hinge Assessment Tool, HAT.

In the Realistic Reps clip below, Dan introduces his thinking behind rep ranges.

Over the course of the editing, I must have watched this seven or eight times, and each time, something else stuck out, some little nugget I’d missed the other times through.

This is one fabulous package, and we’re confident you’ll agree. If you’d like to place an order, grab a ride on this link.