Kathy Dooley: You Can Learn Anatomy

Don’t let anatomy scare you. Kathy Dooley shows you that you need to feel the body and move the body in order to fully learn anatomy.

What’s wrong, do you think, with anatomy instruction? What do you think? Why can’t you remember that stuff?

It’s not alive. I like that answer.

What else?

A book is two-dimensional.

What about all these fancy 3D imaging options we have with apps?

What’s missing with that?

You can’t feel it in your body.

I love that. That’s such a huge deal. We have to be able to feel things and move things, feel things for ourselves for us to own them.

What we’re going to learn today is the anatomy of external abdominal oblique, internal abdominal oblique—two very important core muscles. We’re going to move into the upper extremities with serratus anterior, and then go into the lower extremity with iliacus.

Not only are we going to blast you with origin, insertion, innervation, blood supply and action, as you’re used to, but we’re going to help you feel this for yourself, palpate for yourself, move for yourself.

If your neighbors will let you palpate them, then palpate them.

Now, we want to make sure you bring this to life for yourself. It’s alive. Bring it into your own body.

Don’t let anatomy scare you.

The reason I became an anatomist is because anatomy really scared me. I took a seminar, but we had to do a lot of movement, and I was like, “This is too much anatomy.”

Most people just freak out, and then abandoned it, feeling they’re not smart enough; they’re not good enough; this is too dense . . . all the reasons why people give up on something.

You are not any of those things. If I can learn anatomy, you can.

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