Patrick Ward: My Training Philosophy

Patrick Ward presents a simple training philosophy that establishes priorities:
manage the first two steps well, then go ahead and attack your specific goals.

Our first talk was a little more theoretical: the ideas behind how I think about training.

This talk is going to be a little bit more practical, as I said earlier, if you have any questions, we can try and address those, because everybody has a different scenario or situation. We can see if some of this stuff can be applied or maybe you can tweak some of the things you are doing.

If you ask me, really simply, so define my training philosophy, I can do so very easily in three, two-word phrases:

Move Well
Manage Stressors
Get Specific

Move Well – basic movement competency, adequate movement to meet the sports demands, injury history of the individual and injury prevention regarding the specific sport (that might take some time, going and looking at PubMed and other research papers and trying to figure out what type of injuries may present themselves in the specific sport.)

Manage Stressors – be aware of all the stressors that are placed on the individual, both specific and non-specific. Have sound program design and logical training progressions. I can’t emphasize those two enough. If you’re just starting out and you run three miles on Monday, it’s probably nor logical to try and do ten miles on Thursday. Build yourself up over time . . .sometimes you see videos on YouTube of “This is the phase one program of our high school football program and they’re already doing squats followed immediately by by squat jumps. That’s the most intense type of activity you can do, and you’re starting week one with it. It’s probably not a logical training program. You’re going to open yourself up for a lot of problems down the road.

If you can do those two things really well: Move Well and Manage Stressors, then you’re there. Get after it. Get Specific. Get strong, fast. Go hard. Do whatever you need to do . . . Lose body fat . . . whatever your goals are, if you manage those first two steps well, then go ahead and attack that.

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