Choice Commentary from Perform Better Long Beach 2012

The live twitter stream using the Perform Better hashtag is long gone, but I have a surprise… I saved the best quotes for you.

“The more you cook, the better you’ll look.” ~Chris Mohr

“Women lose strength slower than men. One lift with intensity every 10 days can maintain strength levels.” ~Brandon Marcello

“Biomechanics & EMG don’t lie; they just don’t tell the whole story.” ~Charlie Weingroff

“The physiology of the human being is not debatable.” ~Kelly Starrett

“If your ankle is locked, your glute won’t fire.” ~Lee Burton

“Hypertrophy comes after good movement, not before.” ~Gray Cook

“What quadrant are you in? Mostly likely, Q3. Or you will be soon.” ~ Dan John

“Should we focus on tweaking volume or intensity? The answer is BOTH!” ~Chris Frankel

“Testosterone peaks around ovulation, so it’s a great time to do some serious strength training.” ~Brandon Marcello

“Joint mobility loss is a stress whether due to capsular, fibrotic tissue or protective tone reasons.” ~Charlie Weingroff

“Pick stuff up. Put stuff overhead. Carry stuff for distance.” ~Dan John

“Yogis aren’t lifting their arms to align chakras; they’re creating torque and a stable trunk.” ~Kelly Starrett

“In your corrective exercises, look for a rich sensory environment.” ~Gray Cook

“Just because you take gluten out of something doesn’t make it a health food.” ~Chris Mohr

“Anaerobic capacity is relatively finite. Need to think about how to get more out of aerobic capacity.” ~Chris Frankel

“Measure things so you can manage them.” ~Martin Rooney

“Let the load teach you joint centration. Lift heavy stuff” ~Charlie Weingroff

“Pleasure makes everything easier, and easy is productive.” ~Jason C Brown

“Start every training session with objectives. Set objectives and you set attention.” ~Nick Winkelman

“Women have different muscle recruitment and firing patterns, hams before glutes. Reverse lunges correct this.” ~Brandon Marcello

“I can tell you don’t have full rotational ability — you’re sitting in a douchebag position.” ~Kelly Starrett

“Stability is a launching pad for power production.” ~Craig Liebenson

“All heart rates are not created equal(ly). You need to consider mechanical output.” ~Chris Frankel

“True trainers don’t exploit your strengths; they expose your weaknesses.” ~Gray Cook

“Don’t ‘rip the floor.’ You should ‘dial out the floor.” ~Charlie Weingroff

“There is a price you pay if you want to train military personnel — they don’t all come back.” ~Dan John

“We sit more than we stand. Our bodies start adapting to that purpose.” ~Gray Cook

“Everyone can make someone tired. Not everyone can make someone better.” ~Martin Rooney

“Use enough weight on your getups, and let the weight teach you how to be in the right position.” ~Charlie Weingroff

“All heart rates are not created equal. You need to consider mechanical output.” ~Chris Frankel

“Early sports specialization is a problem. Kids playing on their own take breaks, but often adult coaches don’t do that.” ~Brandon Marcello

“Muscles drive motions, motions drive joints, joint position drives the brain.” ~Charlie Weingroff

“Be a torque hunter and gatherer.” ~Kelly Starrett

“I’ll never quit training. These beat-up joints are held together by muscle.” ~ Odd Haugen

“The 9th grade was the best three years of my life. I was benching 85 lbs, drug free!” ~Dan John

“Reaction to injury outlasts pain.” ~Craig Liebenson

“Stressors in one system can show up in another system…all regulated through brain.” ~Charlie Weingroff

“One of the reasons intermittent fasting can work is that it reconnects you with what hunger feels like.” ~Chris Mohr

“Strength isn’t power, speed is power.” ~Jason Glass

“Practice doesn’t make perfect — practice makes permanent.” ~Kelly Starrett

“I see a lot of people use the Paleo diet as an excuse to eat bacon for every meal. That’s a bit much.” ~Chris Mohr

“Specialize in something — kill a category.” ~Thom Plummer

“The reaction that creates lactate and not lactic acid is a buffering reaction! Lactic acid isn’t produced in the body.” ~Chris Frankel

“Studies on female fitness are scarce because the menstrual cycle makes research difficult to orchestrate.”~Brandon Marcello

“Mobility is one marker that’s not considered age-related. It doesn’t have to get worse.” ~Gray Cook

“Everything is a stress, you may adapt positively to it, or you may adjust negatively to it.” ~Charlie Weingroff

“About 70 percent of pregnant women are deficient in Vitamin D.” ~Chris Mohr

“Periodization is a concept, not a model.” ~Vern Gambetta

“It’s hard to peak when you’ve been training since 1965.” ~Dan John

“As a bear crawl progression, use a Valslide.” ~Gray Cook

“You have to present challenge in training so you don’t get too efficient.” ~Nick Winkelman

“Even more important than organic or conventional is LOCAL.” ~Chris Mohr

“If your breathing expression is ugly, your movement is probably ugly.” ~Gray Cook

“Anaerobic capacity is relatively finite. We need to think about how to get more out of aerobic capacity.” ~Chris Frankel

“Parents ask me for help training a 9-yr-old. I tell them to have her ride bikes, climb trees & see me in 10 years.” ~Brandon Marcello

“What enhances performance prevents injury.” ~Craig Liebenson

“Explore stretching from a movement pattern, not a body part approach.” ~Gray Cook

“Poor posture can lead to a dowager’s hump.” ~Craig Liebenson

“The difference between a sign and a symptom? A sign, I find. A symptom, you tell me about.” ~Gray Cook

“You can have a strong core in one pattern, yet not in another.” ~Charlie Weingroff

“People always ask, what supplements do I take. I wish they would ask, “What FOODS do you eat?” ~Chris Mohr

“Female collegiate athletes are four times more likely to have non contact ACL injury than their male counter parts.” ~Craig Liebenson”

“Don’t confuse pain and soreness for productivity.” ~Martin Rooney

“Who saw Lee Burton this morning? He do okay? I raised him from a puppy.” ~Gray Cook

“One of the good things about the Paleo diet is that it automatically cleans a lot of crap out of your diet.” ~Chris Mohr

“About 70 percent of pregnant women are deficient in Vitamin D.” ~Chris Mohr

“I’m your best customer. I’m 55, hand you my credit card and don’t care what you charge.” ~Thom Plummer

“It’s not what we are going to eat — it’s what we ate!” ~Dan John

“Stability is a launching pad for power production.” ~Craig Liebenson

“I only judge people by the depth of their squat.” ~Dan John

“The fat pads on the bottoms of women’s feet are thinner. That means you’ll need to progress to a barefoot shoe slowly.” ~Brandon Marcello

“Another name for intermittent fasting: occasional eating.” ~Alwyn Cosgrove

“I don’t see anyone who doesn’t squat big with their toes pointed out. Why? Because this is the ideal position of the hip.” ~Charlie Weingroff

“When I train women, in my ‘survival pack’ are hair ties. Do you know how many bad days I’ve avoided because of this???” ~Brandon Marcello

“You can only accelerate as fast as you can decelerate.” ~Jason Glass

“Next year I predict the great presenters at #PBFTS will be talking about motor control, nervous system & brain’s role in movement patterns.” ~Brooke Rogers

“How good does a female athlete have to be before we just call her an athlete?” ~unknown

“Should we have a different movement screen for older folk? I dont know; do we give them big ass charts to pass their vision test?” ~Gray Cook

“We can change how we breathe volitionally & good things will happen.” ~Charlie Weingroff

“Proactive health care is the future, instead of today’s reactive health care.” ~Mark Verstegan

“Females shouldn’t pee clear; it should be straw-colored because urine has protective elements against UTIs.” ~Brandon Marcello

“External cues are superior to internal cues.” ~Nick Winkelman

“We’re gonna move away from the idea of energy systems training & look more closely at metabolic stability.” ~Chris Frankel

“Upper body and shoulder mobility issues usually begin in the thoracic spine.” ~Lee Burton

“Use of bad form=need to spend more time & effort recovering!” ~Charlie Weingroff

“Loss of centration in one joint leads to loss of centration in every other joint.” ~Charlie Weingroff

“Everything works… for about six weeks.” ~Dan John

“Most of your clients are checking up on your suggestions on youtube. You comfortable with that?” ~Gray Cook

“Trainers come and go. Members are forever.” ~Thom Plummer

“Cheat in moderation.”~Tim Wilkins

“The one downside to coconut water is that it’s low in sodium. If you’re sweating a ton, it may not be enough.” ~Chris Mohr

“Get naked in the sun for 20 minutes to get enough vitamins D.” ~Chris Mohr

“If you don’t know core stabability -> peripherial mobility, form -> function, torque -> power, get with it.” ~Kelly Starrett

“If you perform in poor form & aren’t injured, you’re going to take longer to recover.” ~Charlie Weingroff

“Crunching on carrots in a Gray Cook session is fun.” ~Clifton Harski

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