Let me give you a taste of Perform Better Long Beach 2012

What a fabulous trip to Perform Better! The filming went without flaw, thanks to the great talent of Gray Cook, Lee Burton and Thom Plummer, with Dan John, Mark Cheng, Chris Poirier and Brad Hartman kicking in, and due to the skills of the team from David Robin Films. I still can’t find anything on my desk, the voicemail remains unattended and the to-do list of brand new and super fun ideas is untouched. But what the heck, let’s look at some pictures.

The Dan John Coyote Point crew: Stevo, Rob & Jay, winding up for the Summit

I think this was just after someone from the David Robin Films crew called Gray ‘the diva’ — Lee sorta liked that

Dan’s hands-on session as p a c k e d — I have no idea how they got active in that room. Hope it wasn’t a ropes session

We filmed the two precon sessions, Gray Cook and Thom Plummer, for dvd, now jamming to get those in the next few months

This is Craig Liebenson demonstrating one of his very popular dead bug variations

With all the busy-ness, there was still time for conversation: Here’s Gray Cook, Jimmy Yuan, Mark Cheng & Lee Burton

One aspect of the hands-on session means experimentation and guidance: Lee Burton guides, and you can see the teacher come alive

Plenty of camaraderie, and work gets done, too. This is Jeff Tucker and Brad Hartman, who both work with the Functional Movement Screen

That Thom Plummer is one fabulous speaker — anyone in the business of fitness needs to look up his blog, teaching material and get to a workshop

Lee Burton shares the stage with his partner Gray in the precon session. Those guys are sharp alone and a hoot together.

Brad Hartman from the FMS staff did the chop & lift demo while Gray pushed him around. Brad’s agreeable, though… as long as they don’t pull out the ghillie suits.

Yes, they did do that do him coming home from an east coast Perform Better trip.
I never did find out how long Lee and Gray waited in those suits before Brad wandered by.

We also filmed some interview bits you’re going to get a kick out of. This is Dan John and Thom Plummer

Here Gray has Mark Cheng clear up some Turkish getup confusion…on camera

And then they move to demo: Mark Cheng, TGU hips high, with Gray Cook describing the action

Chris Poirier, our fabulous and patient Perform Better host, takes a break from the hustle to answer Thom’s interview questions

Plenty of activity in the halls, too. Here Charlie Weingroff does a little DNS mojo on Clif Harski’s clipped wing

Here Gray challenges keynote comedian Tim Wilkins to a comedy duel. We hope to get the results soon, and you know I’ll post the video!

Heard around the convention center:

  • “The more you cook, the better you’ll look.” ~Chris Mohr
  • “Women lose strength slower than men. One lift with intensity every 10 days can maintain strength levels.” ~Brandon Marcello
  • “The physiology of the human being is not debatable.” ~Kelly Starrett
  • “If your ankle is locked, your glute won’t fire.” ~Lee Burton
  • “Pick stuff up. Put stuff overhead. Carry stuff for distance.” ~Dan John
  • “Loss of centration in one joint leads to loss of centration in every other joint.” ~Charlie Weingroff
  • “You can only accelerate as fast as you can decelerate.” ~Jason Glass
  • “You have to present challenge in training so you don’t get too efficient.” ~Nick Winkelman
  • “Stability is a launching pad for power production.” ~Craig Liebenson
  • “I’ll never quit training. These beat-up joints are held together by muscle.” ~ Odd Haugen
  • “Specialize in something — kill a category.” ~Thom Plummer
  • “Mobility is one marker that’s not considered age-related. It doesn’t have to get worse.” ~Gray Cook
  • “Don’t confuse pain and soreness for productivity.” ~Martin Rooney

And of course, we can’t skip over this one:

“I see a lot of people use the Paleo diet as an excuse to eat bacon for every meal. That’s a bit much.” ~Chris Mohr

Or this:

“Crunching on carrots in a Gray Cook session is fun.” ~Clifton Harski

Or the redneck tee-shirt siting:

“Row faster, I hear banjo music,” seen on the guy from southern Virginia… you know the one I mean…

Your friendly twitter team collected more great quotes for you — you can grab a copy of them here: Perform Better Long Beach Presenter Quotes.

Wonder how they can get everybody moving without sending anyone to the hospital? They’re pros!