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Sue Falsone: Scapula, Shoulder and Cervical Thoracic Junction Drill

Your clients likely carry tension in their shoulders, where it’s hard to manually relax them without activating something else. Try this simple drill fro...

Sue Falsone: Problems at the Head, Neck, Shoulders and Torso

Shoulder and spine expert Sue Falsone explores the complicated musculoskeletal causes of headaches and neck pain in this full-body study.

Sue Falsone: Cervical Thoracic Junction Yoga Mobility Drill

Looking for a drill to regain mobility in the shoulder and cervical thoracic junction? Sue Falsone goes back to yoga for the perfect movements.

Sue Falsone: Cervical Spine and Shoulder Movement

Shoulder movement should involve more than the shoulder. Sue Falsone looks at the roles played by the cervical spine and thoracic spine.

shoulder tightness due to thoracic tightness Sue Falsone

Sue Falsone: What to Look for before Shoulder Stretching

Shoulder stretching may not be for all clients and patients. Sue Falsone discusses the issues that stretching can cause for some individuals lacking end-range shoulder mobility.

T-Spine Mobility: Why It’s Important

Many of our daily activities are often done sitting down, rounding through the thoracic spine, which can wreak havoc on posture and put stress on the rest of the body. In this collectio...