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Dave Whitley: The Art of Perfect Practice

Strongman Dave Whitley takes on some of the famous aphorisms about practice, discusses the wrong way to practice and leads you to the right way.

the most powerful skills in corrective exercise

Corrective Exercise in Our Lectures

Corrective exercise tips gleaned from our lecture series Click here to return to the corrective exercise topic menu Gray Cook What’s Behind a Mobility Problem “There are two re...

Lessons of the Old-Time Strongmen Video Clips

Dave Whitley, Lessons from the Old-Time Strongmen DVD Here Dave discusses using the art of perfect practice Dave next tells us what to expect when luck meets opportunity.  &helli...

Kettlebell Fundamentals Video Clips

Dave Whitley, Kettlebell Fundamentals: Deepening your Getup Skills DVD Let’s watch Dave talk about hip mobility, especially as it pertains to the kettlebell getup. And here Dave ...