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Eric Beard: Quick Breathing Assessment

Eric Beard demonstrates a breathing assessment to see if the diaphragm is doing its job. It’s quick, it’s easy and there’s no reason you shouldn’t ...

T-Spine Mobility: Why It’s Important

Many of our daily activities are often done sitting down, rounding through the thoracic spine, which can wreak havoc on posture and put stress on the rest of the body. In this collectio...

Eric Beard: Thoracic Spine Impairment and Dysfunction

Eric Beard reviews the causes and symptoms of thoracic spine dysfunction and explains the corrective strategies that he uses with success.

Eric Beard: Thoracic Spine Disassociation

In this video segment, Eric Beard demonstrates a simple corrective exercise for disassociation of the thoracic spine from the scapulae in clients working on increased shoulder mobility.