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Thomas Plummer: The Evolution of a Trainer

Thomas Plummer’s cynical and humorous take on the fitness industry that he loves . . . where we all start and where we can finish with fulfillment.

Brian Gwaltney: Perspective and Standards — You Don’t Need More Than An “F”

Does your quest for fitness and strength consume too much of your life? Maybe you need to ask yourself about how you set your standards.

Jeremy Hall: The Power of Mentorship

There’s more to being successful in strength and conditioning than just learning the science of strength. The art of coaching is woven deeply into the collective wisdom of the great m...

Thomas Plummer: Fitness Professionals Only Have Two Speeds

Fitness professionals only have two speeds in their internal motors: full on, flat out and all in, or destroyed on the couch, drooling like an old bulldog, and often not smelling much b...

Thomas Plummer: Please, Stop Obsessing

Career. Money. Relationships . . . Stop obsessing about what you are going to do with your life. Live it. Now.

Thomas Plummer: The Future of The Fitness Business

It’s all too easy for those of us in the fitness business to assume that most people think like we do . . . exercise like we do . . . share our goals. They do not. But that doesn’t ...

Thomas Plummer: Breaking the Hourly Rate Addiction

Hourly rates seem logical, but if you work for yourself, getting paid by the hour is the least effective thing you can do to generate revenue for yourself and for your team.

Dan John: Two Basic Problems

Dan John gives a positive take on the problems he sees in exercise: From health, longevity, fitness, performance, success, failure and fat loss we can learn a lot about ourselves . . . ...

Dan John Before We Go

Dan John: Getting Started in Fitness Writing

Every so often, someone will ask me about writing. Some think it’s a gift from the heavens. These people believe some of us are born writers like some of us are born to be seven feet ...