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Using a SmartRoller

Stacy Barrows: Foam Roller History and Practical Use

Can we do anything without a foam roller anymore? Stacy Barrows fills you in on why they are so popular and why they work so well . . . when used correctly...

Mark Reifkind: Foam Rolling Pain Points

Mark Reifkind approaches foam rolling with a plan of action: he tries to find the most painful spot within the most painful spot in order to teach a lesson on pain.

Robb Rogers: Regeneration Strategies

Thought you had the training programmed right . . . but something seems missing? What about time for recovery and rest? Robb Rogers discusses the need for well-planned regeneration stra...

Mark Reifkind warmup drills

Mark Reifkind: Body Maintenance — The Power of Routine

Mark Reifkind discusses the transition from motivation to routine and details his Body Maintenance plan, a self-myofascial release 'check-up' that precedes your daily exercise.